The high school season is always a different pace and tempo from the spring and summer and this year is no exception.  That being said it’s also a good way for some talented prospects to really build on things they’ve done the previous summer and reconfirm their status as one of the elite or one of the elite.  Here’s a look at ten talented prospects who’ve continued to build up their status as elite national prospects in the country.

Note – Listed in alphabetical order – Not an exclusive list

Patrick Baldwin Jr. – 2021 – G/F – Sussex Hamilton (WI)
A multi-skilled talent whose added a couple of inches to his frame since the summer, Baldwin makes the game look easy at times and whether it’s scoring the basketball, creating, or rebounding his ability to impact the game and be the alpha on the court has started to trend upward in a big way.  The top player in the 2021 class nationally has continued to support that status with his stellar play and he has his team primed for a run at the Division 1 state championship in Wisconsin this season.  On Saturday he scored a career high 38 points while only taking 15 shots and shooting 7 of 9 from beyond the arc.  He’s 6-10 and he’s only a sophomore with his best basketball in front of him.

Emoni Bates – 2022 – SF – Ypsilanti Lincoln (MI)
An electric multi-dimensional talent whose drawn comparisons to Kevin Durant at an early age.  He’s the top 2022 prospect in the country right now and there isn’t a conversation to be had.  He’s long, athletic, skilled, versatile and he’s had a number of big performances already this season for Lincoln.  Far from a finished product, Bates is a special talent with his best basketball in front of him and his play at times this season has only confirmed his status that he’s the alpha in the 2022 class nationally right now.

Reece Beekman – 2020 – PG – Scotlandville (LA)
Beekman really hit his stride as a player in mid-July and he hasn’t slowed down.  Already a two time state champion already, Beekman wrapped up his regular season averaging a triple double at 22.1 points 10.3 rebounds and 10 assists per game.  A multi-dimensional floor general who can dominate a game defensively or offensively by scoring or creating, Beekman has quietly trended into consensus top 100 national status and given his stellar play over the past 8 months he’s trending toward consensus top 50 national status before it’s all said and done.  His play this season has continued to confirm he’s one of the best 2020 point guards in the country.

Nimari Burnett – 2020 – PG – Prolific Prep (CA)
In the same fashion that Beekman has been very good this season much of the same can be said of Burnett whose played at a very high level for Prolific Prep.  Another multi-dimensional guard who can score at multiple levels and create as well, Burnett has a nice plus length frame that gives him an advantage over most guards.  After a strong spring and summer, Burnett has simply built on that status and continued to solidify his status as one of the top prospects on the west coast and one of the top guards in the country with his stellar play this winter.

Greg Brown – 2020 – F – Vandegrift (TX)
A powerful long forward with an ability to dominate a game in a variety of ways, Brown wrapped up his summer as one of the fast rising 2020 prospects in the country and his play this winter has only continued to further that notion.  He’s athletic, he can score at multiple levels, he plays hard, he attacks the glass, and he’s hungry.  All of that shows whenever he takes the court and while he’s already a top 10 prospect nationally he’s not satisfied and wants to continue go at anyone in front of him and isn’t quiet about saying it.  To use a common phrase in today’s game, Brown wants all the smoke and anyone who lines up against him better want the same because he’s going to bring it.  Expect him to continue to trend upward.

Max Christie – 2021 – SG – Rolling Meadows (IL)
An elite scoring threat who’s quietly trended into top ten national status on some boards, Christie can fill it up and he picked up this high school season right where he left off last summer and that was scoring the basketball and playing at an elite level.  An injury slowed him a bit a few weeks back but he’s back at it making the game look easy and contributing at a high level.  He keeps the game simple and efficient and he produces at an elite level in the process.  Expect him to be a consensus top 10 national prospect before it’s all said and done.  

R.J. Hampton – 2020 – PG – Little Elm (TX)
Another plus length athletic guard who’s among the best the 2020 class has to offer.  Hampton was already a top 10 prospect nationally and his play during the high school season has continued to solidify that status and had him trending upward.  He can score and create in dominant fashion and his athleticism combined with his size makes him a highly intriguing guard big picture wise in college and beyond.  A number of electric performances this season has only continued to confirm that his position among the top 5 in the class of 2020 nationally is well deserved right now.

Jalen Johnson – 2020 – G/F – Nicolet High School (WI)
The biggest mover over the past year or so, Johnson had an exceptional summer and he’s simply continued to build on that during the high school season with a number of big time performances while helping his team to a top 10 ranking nationally.  A multi-dimensional positionless talent with exceptional vision, elite passing ability, athleticism, etc. Johnson has continued to refine his game and his arsenal since the summer as a 6 of 7 performance from beyond the arc this past Friday again attested to and he checks a lot of boxes in terms of what he can do on the court.  Another of the fast rising 2020 prospects nationally, Johnson is a consensus top 3 prospect nationally who might very well be the top 2020 prospect in the country when it’s all said and done if he continues the path he’s blazed the past 12 plus months.  An unselfish talent who posts triple doubles as easily as putting on shoes in the morning, Johnson can score and create from every level and his play during the high school season has only re-confirmed that he’s one of the very best in the country regardless of class.

Tyrese Maxey – 2019 – SG – South Garland (TX)
An explosive and electric scoring guard who’s committed to Kentucky.  Maxey has that wow factor to him at times and he’s one of those must watch talents whenever he takes the court.  A multi-dimensional talent, Maxey has athleticism and an ability to score at every level and he’s continued to just keep trending upward since this past summer.  He has a chance to be among the very best the 2019 class has to offer big picture wise as his best years are still in front of him.  His play this season has only re-confirmed that to those paying close attention.

Adam Miller – 2020 – G – Morgan Park (WI)
A high level scoring talent whose stock slowed a bit last spring due to injury, Miller’s play during the high school season has only re-confirmed that he’s the top 25 national prospect in the 2020 class that most thought prior to injury.  He can score in bunches and whether it’s in space or through contact he has the ability to finish at multiple levels and put up big numbers.  He is the alpha on a Morgan Park team that should again potentially challenge for a state title in Illinois and Miller’s play since the injury last spring has put his name back where it belongs among the best the 2020 class has to offer both regionally and nationally.