Point guards are often the leaders of teams and are looked at to run the show for a team. This past spring and summer, a Class of 2020 PG got moved up with 17’s to help lead a talented group of players for REACH Legends (MI). As the summer progressed, Lorne Bowman (Orchard Lake St. Mary’s H.S., Pontiac, MI) started lifting the team up, took over games at times, and showcased his talents in some big games, including the championship of the Next Level Invitational.

Bowman is a 6’2” lead guard with slick handles; a quick first step and nice burst on the attack; and an ability to affect his team’s offense with both his scoring and his passing. When asked what he feels his strengths are right now as a player, Bowman concurred, commenting “I think my strengths are my ability to score at all three levels – shooting the mid-range and three – and my passing as well.”

With those skills in hand, Bowman seemed to handle point guard duties with a natural confidence and poise while enjoying playing the game. Getting the experience up with the 17’s really opened up some opportunities for him, and with him excelling in the position, several scouts took notice and in reflection the 2020 prospect is excited about what he was able to accomplish thus far and where he can go from here. With that in mind, he has set his sights on the upcoming school season and what he can do for his team his team there. “My goal this year is to lead my team to winning our league title, as well as winning a state title.” Bowman has high hopes for himself and his team as a leader with his talents should.

Again, that confidence and ability to back up his goals with his game was evident in his play over the summer and thus Bowman earned himself a couple nice scholarship offers from Division I programs, as well as garnering interest from a number of other top-notch schools who will likely keep a close on his progress over the next two years. He has offers currently from Nebraska, Toledo, Valparaiso, Buffalo, and Oakland. The other schools showing interest at this point are Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Butler, Iowa, Central Michigan, Duquesne, Wisconsin, and Northwestern.

The respect shown to him from getting his first scholarship offers and picking up considerable interest was something Bowman does not take for granted. “Not many kids get opportunities like this, so I want to make the most of it and take advantage of it, and keeping working as hard as I can… It feels really good to know these schools are looking at me,” Bowman said.

The talented 2020 point guard has already taken visits to Purdue, Michigan State and Valparaiso, and he’s planning on taking visits soon to Iowa, Nebraska and Toledo.

In the meantime, Bowman is not resting on what he has accomplished thus far, knowing he has to continue elevating his game to earn himself even more opportunities moving forward. “I want to work on my athleticism, being able to play more above the rim more and becoming a better overall leader.”  Being more of a slender guard, but with great balance and body control when he attacks to the rim, having the ability to rise up more and play with strength against bigger defenders will certainly help. As for the leadership, as he continues to develop his confidence with others around him and lifting them up, he already leads with his ability to get others involved and to take on big moments with that aforementioned poise.

Bowman was faced with a  few moments this summer where he was counted on to make a play, including the final seconds of the Invitational where he backed down a defender, then turned, raised over an extended hand to sink just a smooth, cold-blooded shot for the win as top level type players do. “I love the intensity of those moments… Basketball is the best game in the world and just being able to play in moments like those are amazing… The thrill of it all drives me.”

Bowman has a bright future ahead as he continues to develop his game, and with his work ethic and love for the game, you won’t want to miss getting a chance to watch him compete as he takes to the courts with his high school team this season.