In today’s game, the big man has become more increasingly used in multiple ways opposed to what was seen in past years.  Morton Ranch High 2020 PF Eddie Lampkin fits the mold of the new age big man, as well as possess some of the old school trademarks of what we were used to seeing from post players.  At first glance Lampkin is seen as a gentle giant because of his quiet demeanor, but on the court, he is force to be reckoned with in not only in Houston, but in the state of Texas.  

Standing at 6’9, Lampkin has an incredible instinct for the game of basketball.  Offensively he has the ability to play multiple positions on the floor.  He possesses incredible footwork around the paint area and finishes well at the rim with contact.  Playing with a great point guard in LJ Cryer, he plays the pick and roll very well and can hit the mid-range jump shot at a consistent basis.  In the post he a nightmare for defenders with his tremendous upper body strength, and his ability to find open teammates when he is double teamed.  His ballhandling and free throw shooting are something that he is putting a lot of focus improving as well as his shot from beyond the three-point arc.  

Defensively he is constantly active on the floor.  His size and frame make it difficult for many post players to get in a good rhythm playing against him.  He anticipates well which helps him get blocks, as well as great positioning for rebounding.  He is able to get many of his easy buckets through put backs from offensive rebounds.  Lampkin’s play seems only to keep improving and for that reason schools are starting to take notice of his potential.  

Last summer playing with the Houston Defenders, as well as an impressive start to the high school season have done nothing but help Lampkin show that he is poised to a be target for college programs.  He was able to pick up his first offer from TCU this fall as well as gain heavy interest from Oklahoma.  Look for this attention from colleges to pick up for Lampkin this spring and summer as he continues to improve his all-around game on the court.