Yesterday we released our updated national player rankings for the Class of 2018 where Canada reigned supreme.  Today we continue to update our various lists with a look at the 2019 class where the state of Tennessee plays host to the top prospect in the country.  In addition to our updated board, we also are pleased to release our updated composite rankings for the Class of 2019, which provide a more consensus type perspective by taking into account the rankings of a handful of the most respected media outlets in the country.  So with that being said here’s a look at the top 10 in our new Class of 2019 national player rankings at NY2LASPORTS.COM…
A long lean interior prospect with advanced skills, solid footwork, and an ability to score inside and out, Wiseman is far from a finished product but the initial groundwork has been laid for him to grow into an excellent talent at the next level.  He has solid positioning and feel on the blocks with his back to the basket and he can finish with a handful of moves against defenders of any kind.  He runs the floor in solid fashion and with his plus length and athleticism he can finish through contact or above the crowd.  On the perimeter he can face up and rip the nets with a solid smooth stroke that extends beyond the arc.  He has solid instincts on the glass, his defensive prowess is there as well as he can alter shots with consistency given his footwork, agility, instincts, length, and athleticism.  He’s a blue chip talent no doubt and he’s just scratching the surface of his potential.
A native of Nigeria, Bassey has been must watch basketball since the time he arrived in the United States.  Equipped with a powerfully athletic 6-10 plus length frame, Bassey has excellent bounce and an ability to finish around the basket with thunderous dunks obviously drawing comparisons to Dwight Howard amongst others.  Bassey runs the floor well, he has excellent agility and movement, he’s strong, he has solid hands, he can face up and knock down jumpers on occasion, and he has dominant defensive potential blocking shots and controlling the defensive glass.  A high major impact talent on multiple levels, Bassey is easily one of the premiere prospects in the country for the Class of 2019.
A skilled forward with a versatile and agile offensive package, Carey is a gifted left handed talent with an ability to score inside and outside both with his back to the basket and facing up.  Regarded by some as the #1 prospect in the country for the class, Carey is a difficult cover as he can go to work on the blocks, he can face up at 15, he can put the ball on the floor a little, he has a handful of moves around the basket, and he can step out and rip the nets from beyond the arc.  Athletically he moves well, he’s got bounce, he can run the floor, and he has solid footwork and instincts on both ends.  A blue chip talent on multiple levels, Carey looks like the real deal at this stage of the game.
The son of former NBA standout Greg Anthony, Cole is blue chip legit on all levels and he’s got plenty of style and flair to go with a sick and dominant skill set.  The young guard has excellent bounce, explosive hops, he’s got solid quickness, and physically he has all the tools to be an elite immediate impact guard at the next level and perhaps beyond.  He handles it on a string, his vision and timing are on point, he can score off the bounce, his range is beyond the arc, and his overall flow on the hardwood is smooth but lethal at the same time.  He has the pedigree, the physical tools, and the overall floor game to be special on multiple levels and he’s a highlight waiting to happen whenever he takes the court.
Equipped with ridiculous size and length, Marial obviously passes the immediate look test but he’s far more skilled than most who’ve come before him the same lane.  Marial has nice hands, excellent instincts, and an advanced feel for the game inside 15 feet on both ends.  He can score with his back to the basket with a handful of post moves, he can elevate over the top and poster defenders, he runs the floor well for his size making for an excellent option in transition, etc.  His range can extend beyond the arc on occasion and on the defensive end he has crazy feel and potential blocking shots, cleaning the glass, and controlling the paint.  Will need to obviously keep getting stronger and developing physically but he has a tremendously high ceiling and he’s only getting started.
A special versatile talent that has a tremendously high ceiling, Jeffries has the type of talent to potentially land him at the top of the class when it’s all said and done.  He can score at every level and his athleticism combined with plus length makes him a dangerously intriguing forward that schools are salivating to secure a commitment from.  He’s got bounce, he can score off the dribble, he can dominate the paint, he can stretch the floor with his jumper, he runs the floor, his activity defensively can be disruptive and chaotic to any offensive game plan, and he’s got that dude type ability when he’s in the zone.  He’s trending into special territory on the big picture side and as long as he stays the course and works physically and skill wise on developing, the sky is the limit.  Love his potential.
A bouncy athletic wing with the ability to finish in a variety of ways, Lewis is just scratching the surface of his potential right now.  Equipped with plus length, instincts, decent handles, etc. the talented East Coast wing is immediate entertainment and energy whenever he’s on the floor.  He can hit the mid-range pull up, he can rip the nets from long range in a catch and shoot capacity, and he can score off the bounce creatively in traffic, through traffic, around traffic, and in transition above traffic.  He’s a talented slashing wing in the truest sense but his perimeter skills are more advanced than most are in that role.  There’s a lot of clay to mold Lewis into a special talent and he’s already exceptional at this stage.  
A big body interior post with dominant back to the basket potential, Bacot is a blend of power, footwork, agility, and potential mixed in with toughness to form a highly intriguing prospect big picture wise.  Still needing to lean out a bit and improve explosion wise, Bacot can power in baskets with consistency, he can dominate the boards consistency, and he can bring straight up dominant interior presence to both ends of the court.  A classic interior big man who mans the paint, Bacot moves extremely well for his size and he’s a double double with consistency whenever he’s on the court.  Far from a finished product physically, really like this big’s potential when it’s all said and done if he continues to grow physically and skill wise.  We have him higher than others but this is a personal call in that there aren't a lot of straight dominant true interior bigs and he has the chance to be that with hard work.  Guys like that can be a rock to build something special with on the hardwood.  
An explosively athletic lead guard who can control the tempo at will, Hagans has crazy athleticism and explosive bounce that he uses in transition and off the dribble to finish in highlight fashion.  His vision is excellent, his playmaking is stellar at times, and he has the ability to dominate the game creatively or scoring wise when fully engaged.  Equipped with the athleticism and length that few possess, Hagans also has excellent defensive lockdown potential moving forward.  He can hit the jumper from multiple levels but he’s an attack first guard and he loves the physicality of the paint.  Plays with an edge that few possess and collectively he brings leadership, toughness, and big time game to the hardwood every time out.  
A classic interior big with agility, feel, and instincts, Koprivica brings a little bit of everything to the court inside the basket.  Defensively he’s got solid instincts and plus length so blocking shots and cleaning the glass is there and on the offensive end of the court he has decent hands, he can finish around the basket with either hand, he has a developing back to the basket game, etc.  At times he brings to mind former Arizona standout Kaleb Tarczewski in flashes.  Still far from a finished product, Koprivica has his best basketball in front of him so this spot is mainly due to his long term potential rather than the current product on the hardwood.