While the 2018 class is currently taking center stage in their senior year the junior class is waiting in the wings as the primary focal point starting this spring.  A late blooming 2019 class in Wisconsin is slowly seeing players pop up here and there with a handful opening eyes already this season.  We continue our look at the top prospects in the state with the top 20 Class of 2019 prospects in the Badger state…


(1) Deontay Long – 2019 – SF – Milwaukee Washington (WI)

Highly skilled, highly instinctive, highly talented, Long controls his own destiny.  When focused, active, and aggressive he’s virtually unstoppable and a top 50 caliber talent on the hardwood.  He’s off to a solid start early this season as he's in solid shape and displaying athleticism and that advanced multi-dimensional skill package that creates nightmares for opposing coaches.  Still early, Long has rebounded from a difficult summer to take a solid step forward the past few months.  

(2) Nobal Days – 2019 – F – Racine Park (WI)

Every box with Days is checked when it comes to character, leadership, consistency, etc.  A plus length big with instincts defensively and advanced feel rebounding the basketball, Days is a great passing big, he sees the floor, and his offensive package has improved facing the basket.  Still developing, he’s not a finished product so there’s room for him to grow and develop.  Holds offers from Wisconsin, UNLV, Illinois, Kansas State, De Paul, Boston College, Nebraska, Northwestern, Tulane, Marquette, etc.

(3) Xzavier Jones – 2019 – SF – Martin Luther (WI)

A long athletic wing with the ability to finish in transition, knock down the perimeter jumper, etc.  Still raw in terms of his overall skill development, Jones is an excellent athlete with a high ceiling who’s far from a finished product.  His best basketball lies ahead and as he continues to develop physically and skill wise he could really jump multiple levels as a prospect long term.  He may have the most upside long term on this board…IF everything can come together.  Holds offers from Bradley, IUPUI, UW-Green Bay, and Saint Louis.

(4) Marcus Domask – 2019 – G/F – Waupun (WI)

A model of consistency, Domask just brings it game in and game out and does so in solid old school fashion.  There’s no flash to his game, it’s just fundamental basketball and it’s fairly dominant with a high level of consistency.  His range extends beyond the arc, he can score at the mid-range level, he finishes around the paint, and he makes the right decision.  A leader in terms of his actions and productions, Domask currently holds an offer from UW-Green Bay.

(5) David Skogman – 2019 – F/C – Waukesha West (WI)

Keep this name in mind because he’s in line potentially for a huge 8-12 months on the hardwood.  Equipped with a plus length 6-10 frame and an ability to face up and stroke the jumper, Skogman is a skilled big man who’s just starting to find his groove on the hardwood.  He’s a legitimate mid-major Division 1 prospect at worst long term and his best years lie ahead.  As his physical tools and skill package continues to develop look for him to continue to take big strides forward.  Best kept secret in the class in the state of Wisconsin right now.

(6) Bennett Loersch – 2019 – F/C – Luther (WI)

A raw interior prospect with size and plus length, Loersch takes this spot on pure upside alone as a few others on here deliver more consistent results game in and game out.  In a very slow emerging class prospect wise, Loersch has the physical tools colleges love and his not anywhere near being a finished product.  He can finish in the paint, he collects rebounds, he has decent agility, etc. but for the most part a lot of his game is still raw and unpolished making for a highly intriguing prospect long term.  The next 8-12 months will be critical for him development wise as Loersch definitely passes the look test on the court and he could easily secure a Division 1 scholarship at the low to mid major level given his size and potential.

(7) Cole Nau – 2019 – PG – Brookfield Central (WI)

An instinctive talent with handles, vision, and the ability to deliver timely passes, Nau makes the team better when the ball is in his hands as he keeps everyone involved and is highly unselfish.  He has nice size, solid athleticism, and his ability to defend multiple positions is a huge asset for any coach.  He’s a quality leader and does so without needed to take unnecessary shots.  His perimeter stroke extends beyond the arc but it needs to improve in terms of consistency.  Overall Nau is a solid low to possible mid-major caliber Division 1 guard whose best position at the next level is as a floor general.  A high character young man who will do whatever is ask of him to help the team win, a highly undervalued quality that benefits the team more than the individual.  

(8) Carlos Ramsey – 2019 – F – Destiny (WI)

A talented forward who may be cleared to play later this month or early next month by most information, Ramsey can score from multiple levels, he has decent athleticism, and he can fill the box score when active and engaged.  At his best he’s a very difficult and versatile cover.  Consistency, activity, and overall effort game in and game out will be the keys for him to reach his potential.  He’s trending upward and should continue to rise if he continues to develop physically and skill wise over the next 8-12 months.

(9) A.J. Makinen – 2019 – SG – Muskego (WI)

An excellent sharpshooting guard who doesn’t get the attention he deserves sometimes (NY2LA Sports included in that), Makinen is consistent in terms of his production and he’s a quality leader in terms of what he brings to the court game in and game out.  Equipped with a stellar perimeter stroke, solid instincts, and a desire to compete, Makinen is one of those kids you just love to have on your team because he’s going to make a quality play.  He’s a big reason for Muskego’s emergence over the last couple years.  This young man can play.

(10) Reed Miller – 2019 – G/F – Marshfield (WI)

As sleepers go in the state while Skogman and Loersch are easily two of them, Miller might even be more so as his emergence really started to take shape with a quality overall effort consistently in the month of July.  A bouncy wing with a 6-6 plus length frame, Miller can score in transition, he’s developing his mid-level game, and his has a solid perimeter stroke from beyond the arc that can be made off the dribble but is better in a catch and shoot capacity.  Miller has some versatility and he’s just scratching the surface right now.  Don’t be surprised if he has a big season and generates some Division 1 offers over the next 8-12 months.  He’s on the launching pad right now and his development physically and skill wise combined with his consistency will determine whether he takes off or sits there.

(11) Darryl Brooks – 2019 – PG – Menomonee Falls (WI)

Love this young man on so many levels as he’s just a good kid who works hard and gives a max effort game in and game out.  He’s really made himself into a player and that’s a great testament to his overall character and the support from his family day in and day out.  Few in the class work as hard as he does on their game and Brooks has blossomed into a quality floor general with handles, vision, and an improved ability to stroke the perimeter jumper from multiple levels.  He defends, he can create, and overall he brings solid leadership based off effort and toughness alone.  He’s going to play at the next level and it should be on a scholarship at some level.  The next 8-12 months will determine where.  If you’re in a fox hole so to speak he’s the type of kid you want with you.

(12) Robert Anderson – 2019 – G – Milwaukee Vincent (WI)

On pure basketball ability Anderson is arguably a top 5 type talent in this class and after an up and down start early in his high school career at Bay View Anderson has found a renewed focus it appears at the V-House.  This young fella has game as he handles it, can break down opposing guards, he can get to the rim, he can hit the perimeter stroke, etc.  He’s athletic, quick, instinctive, etc.  The key to Anderson is simple…when focused and active he can completely dominate the game.  Consistency and maintaining that focus will be key to his long term development.  He controls his own destiny as to how far he goes short and long term.  Very talented.

(13) Larry Canady – 2019 – SG – Racine Park (WI)

A max effort wing with athleticism and versatility, Canady is another of those you want with you when it matters.  He can defend, he can slash, and he has the ability to bring versatility and matchup problems offensively while using that same versatility defensively.  To take the next step as a prospect he needs to improve his perimeter stroke in terms of consistency, mechanics, and range.  Beyond that he’s a fill the box score type who makes the team better whenever he’s on the court.

(14) Nate Jenkins – 2019 – PG – Kettle Moraine (WI)

Another late blooming talent, Jenkins has a solid 6-2 plus length frame and he pairs that with handles, playmaking, and an ability to score from multiple levels to make for an intriguing prospect.  He’s quietly put himself in the conversation and what level he lands at will really be determined by his development and play the next 8-12 months.  Holy Cross is one Division 1 school that’s inquired on his and don’t be surprised if there are others at the back end of next summer.  Jenkins is an intriguingly interesting prospect whose best basketball lies ahead as he improves physically and skill wise.

(15) Gage Malensek – 2019 – G – Brookfield Central (WI)

A scoring first type talent with a 5-10 plus frame, Malensek can attack off the bounce, he can score at the mid-range level, and his perimeter stroke extends beyond the arc with consistency.  He plays hard and has the ability to score in bunches and he consistently can put the ball in the basket game in and game out.  To take the next step as a prospect his shot selection needs to improve along with his playmaking and ability to defend on the perimeter.  A solid athlete who wants to take the big shot when it matters, Malensek is a key part of the Brookfield Central attack that has emerged as one of the top teams in the state the past year plus.  

(16) Demetrius Johnson – 2019 – G/F – Whitefish Bay (WI)

Has been injured in recent months but prior to that Johnson was emerging as a talented wing scoring prospect with upside and versatility.  Equipped with a solid 6-3 frame, plus length, athleticism, and an ability to finish at multiple levels, Johnson at his best is a difficult cover for most.  Still raw and developing physically, Johnson like the others on here has his best years in front of him.  He’s at this spot based on where he was at prior to injury and his overall potential long term as he develops.  One to keep track of.

(17) Trequan Carrington – 2019 – PG – Martin Luther (WI)

A solid left handed talent with the ability to score in bunches, Carrington handles it well, he can break down opposing guards, and he can score at the mid-range level and beyond the arc.  Still developing his playmaking ability, Carrington has shown flashes of delivering the timely pass.  He has a scoring first mentality and if he can find that balance between shot selection, playmaking, etc. he could really start to take that next step.  Quick, athletic, and disruptive defensively, Carrington wants the ball in his hands when the game is on the line.

(18) Quinn Cafferty – 2019 – PF – Racine St. Catherines (WI)

A classic blue collar nuts and bolts type forward who delivers max effort and double double fill the box score type performances, Cafferty is one of the most under-appreciated talents in the 2019 class.  He cleans the glass on both ends consistently, he’s involved in virtually every 50-50 ball, he can score around the basket, he finishes on put backs, he can step out and hit the mid-range jumper, and he leads by example with his consistency, effort, and leadership.  He makes the team better when he’s on the court and he like a few others on here is the type that doesn’t do it by flash he’s just old school and delivers consistently dominant interior results.

(19) Marquise Milton – 2019 – PG – Racine Horlick (WI)

A quick and talented guard with versatility and instincts, Milton handles the ball, he can create, and his perimeter stroke extends beyond the arc.  Another of those under sized guards so to speak who would jump up the board if he were 6-3, Milton can play and his overall floor production combined with his toughness and consistency are his best qualities.  

(20) Jaylon Gentry – 2019 – G – Brown Deer (WI)

This spot came down to choosing between Gentry and Marinette wing Jake Poetzl and Gentry takes it because he’s just so consistent and he keeps getting better.  Another of those tough kids who brings a little bit of everything to the court, Gentry makes you better on both ends with his effort and his skill set continues to develop with ball handling, perimeter shooting, etc.  He’s already off to a solid start this season alongside his brother Jay (Class of 2018).  Gentry gets the nod here simply because game in and game out he brings a great effort and lots of floor production and he deserves to be recognized for that, nothing more nothing less.