The state of Wisconsin continues to see quality performances from multiple prospects across all classes including, but not limited to, the headliners at the top of the current seniors in the class of 2018.  With the season underway and showcase top matchups on deck here’s a quick look at our updated top 20 prospect board in the 2018 class for the state…

(Note - We did not include any 2018 prospects who are attending schools outside the state this season)


(1) Tyler Herro – 2018 – SG – Whitnall (WI) – Committed to Kentucky

One of the top marksmen in the country, Herro has the size, skill, and confidence to excel at the next level.  Has been tunnel vision focused since early July and he continues to flip scoreboards as a result.  He’s the best prospect in this class.

(2) Joey Hauser – 2018 – F – Stevens Point (WI) – Committed to Marquette

Instinctive, skilled, and confident, Hauser has size and can play outside or inside making for a difficult matchup for opposing teams.  He’s the front runner for Mr. Basketball politically and he’s targeting a 4th consecutive Division 1 state championship in the process.

(3) John Diener – 2018 – SG – Cedarbug (WI) – Committed to De Paul

One of those types who just continued to make himself into a player, Diener is tough, skilled, confident, and has no problem taking over the game and flipping the scoreboard.  Always willing to take the big shot and live with the results, Diener is one whose best basketball lies ahead.  As a pure marksmen he’s as good as there is and he can go to the blocks, hit the mid-range, etc.  A very difficult cover for opposing guards and the Blue Demons got a steal here with his early commitment.

(4) Jordan McCabe – 2018 – PG – Kaukauna (WI) – Committed to West Virginia

A natural born leader in a variety of ways, McCabe excels with both flash and with consistency.  Certain young people have a natural leadership and winning quality about them and McCabe seems to have just that.  He handles it, passes it, and can score in a variety of ways but his leadership is so much more valuable.  

(5) Tyrese Haliburton – 2018 – PG – Oshkosh North (WI) – Committed to Iowa State

Tyrese controls the outcome of his long term future.  If focused on development physically, skill wise, and in terms of learning the game he can be exceptional at the next level.  His size, long wiry frame, and potential make him intriguing at the next level in a big way and his best basketball lies ahead.  

(6) Carlos Curtis – 2018 – G/F – Mil Riverside (WI) – Committed to East Tenn State

Tough, physical, and versatile, Curtis can fill the box score with crooked numbers and he has triple double potential game in and game out when his activity is at its best.  He’s at his best off the bounce attacking the rim or scoring around the basket and he has solid open court finishing ability as well.

(7) Keontae White – 2018 – PG – Mil Hamilton (WI)

A scoring talent with confidence, skill, athleticism, etc. White brings a high quality effort at his best that is tough for opposing guards and opposing teams to match.  As he matures and develops his best basketball is in front of him but his handles and ability to dribble penetrate and score from every level is already very advanced.  In the same mold of former in-state sleeper James Batemon (Milwaukee Riverside) you can expect White to deliver at the Division 1 level in a quality way once the opportunity presents itself.

(8) Keshawn Justice – 2018 – SF – Madison East (WI) – Committed to Santa Clara

Skilled with size and some versatility, Justice heads out west to school with a solid opportunity at Santa Clara.  Consistency in terms of his activity on both ends will be the key for him to reach his peak and Justice continues to show quality potential when he’s engaged.

(9) Mitch Listau – 2018 – SG – Waunakee (WI) – Committed to Belmont

A solid system fit with toughness and skill, Listau is a high IQ guard with range and the ability to finish at each level.  Will need to continue to develop his physical tools and continue to improve his efficiency but long term expect him to have a solid career at the next level as his ability to stroke the jump shot and his toughness is advanced from multiple levels.

(10) Grant Basile – 2018 – F – Pewaukee (WI) – Committed to Wright State

A big plus length prospect with skill who is far from a finished product, Basile was up and down during the spring and summer largely based on an end of season injury during the high school season.  His long term potential is better than his short term as he has a lot of clay to mold into a quality and impactful Division 1 prospect.  With added strength, improved explosion, and more consistent aggressiveness Basile will be able to reach his full potential.  

(11) James Butler – 2018 – G/F – Prairie School (WI) 

A skilled wing with the ability to score in bunches at multiple levels, Butler is far from a finished product.  He can finish in transition, he can score in half court sets, and he is solid in transition.  Still raw physically and needing to improve in terms of consistency and activity on both ends of the court, Butler is a quality “sleeper” so to speak who should put up big numbers this high school season once again.  His best years are in front of him at the Division 1 level as he matures and develops.  

(12) Derek Sabin – 2018 – F – Slinger (WI) – Committed to Belmont

A solid interior prospect with size and an ability to finish with either hand around the basket, Sabin is another solid fit for the Belmont program.  Interior prospects always develop late and Sabin fits that mold as he’s shown flashes of that potential at the high school level.  Activity, energy, and consistency will be the keys to Sabin reaching his full potential on the hardwood.

(13) Breontae Hunt – 2018 – G/F – Mil Bay View (WI) – Committed to Barton College

Arguably the most intriguing talent on this board as he just consistently gets better with each passing year.  He has size, bounce, skill, and most of it is still raw and untapped making for a very interesting prospect long term.  He will have a huge season for Milwaukee Bay View and if he continues to develop physically and skill wise he could be a highly interesting and very big story long term once the opportunity presents itself.  Another one on here trending upward on this board who could write his own future with hard work.

(14) Jay Gentry – 2018 – G – Brown Deer (WI)

One of the toughest kids in the state on the hardwood class notwithstanding.  He plays hard, he competes, he leads, and he delivers high caliber consistent results on both ends.  The biggest question for Gentry will likely be what position does he play and this season he’s already putting names on the chalkboard by dominating every opposing guard in his path.  The size and ceiling of some of the others on this board give them higher numbers next to their name but in terms of pure production Gentry will be among the best all season.  He has completely rebuilt his game and his max effort toughness and quality character are tremendous assets.  He’s trending upward and his best basketball lies ahead.  

(15) Gacoby Jones Jr. – 2018 – PG – Dominican (WI)

A highly athletic bouncy guard with handles and quickness that can cause problems with his explosion and dribble penetration, Jones is still developing but personally I love his potential long term.  He can defend, he can break down opposing guards, and he can finish in a variety of ways.  As his perimeter stroke gets more efficient and consistent look for his game to take the next step forward.  He will be a good player at the next level and that definitely could be at the Division 1 level if the opportunity presents itself.  His athleticism and quickness is unmatched by most guards in this glass.  

(16) Diovonte Caldwell – 2018 – G – Destiny (WI)

A late blooming guard in the state who has a long wiry frame to go with size, skill, and improved floor production.  He’s far from a finished product which is intriguing as there are a lot of physical tools to go with a solid perimeter stroke, handles, etc.  Activity on both ends, consistency in terms of effort and production, and overall just continued development physically and skill wise will be the keys to him reaching his full potential.  Another sleeper type talent with Division 1 impact potential long term, Caldwell could very well just be getting started.

(17) Quincy Anderson – 2018 – G – Oshkosh North (WI)

A hard working high character talented young man, Anderson can play and he has the ability to score in bunches when he gets it going.  The biggest question he will need to answer is what position he plays at the next level.  If he embraces the lead guard position he will be very good and if he embraces the shooting guard position he will be solid as well.  Anderson has worked extremely hard to become a player and his vertical athleticism combined with his perimeter shooting ability and handles making him a very interesting prospect still on the board.  He’s tough and a leader and he will be a quality asset to the right program at the next level.

(18) Matthew Barber – 2018 – SF – Cedarburg (WI)

Always hard to do things like this because the size always screams potential for some guys and the guards always get upset because of it.  Barber fits that mold here as he’s got a solid 6-7 plus frame, some skill, and he’s shown flashes of that potential.  While Diener is the key to the Cedarburg attack, Barber is equally important in providing that balance and he does so inside and outside.  I like his size, his frame, his long term potential if he puts in the work at the next level.

(19) Marlon Ruffin – 2018 – G/F – Sun Prairie (WI)

If there’s anyone on this board who matches the toughness and aggressiveness of Gentry game in and game out it could very well be this young wing.  He just brings it and is constantly on the attack both in half court sets and in transition.  He can hit the perimeter jumper, he can hit the mid-range jumper, and he can finish at the rim through traffic.  He’s a fill the box score type who will play at the next level and deliver quality results in the right system.  In a fox hole with one game to play this young man is a guy I want with me because I know I’m going to get a high caliber effort when it matters the most.

(20) Tanner Brandt – 2018 – F – Wisconsin Dells (WI)

Flashes followed by more flashes has always been Brandt’s calling card and when you’re 6-8 plus with a 7 foot wingspan it’s hard to not look at that and just like playing Scrabble waiting for the right letter to finish the word.  Brandt can score from beyond the arc facing the basket, he can finish around the basket, and he has some nice instincts, etc.  With him it’s simply activity, energy, and consistency game in game out that needs to take the next step.  He’s a skilled big with size and feel that will excel in the right system with the right focus.  Time will tell but Brandt controls his future and he will get out whatever he puts in at the next level.