The high school season is beginning to take center stage and with that comes another year of breakout performances and late blooming prospects that start to open some eyes.  Here’s a quick glance at five talented prospects who have quietly positioned themselves as must watch players over the next 8-12 months…

Lorne Bowman – 2020 – PG – Orchard Lake St. Mary (MI)
A talented young guard with a lot of potential, Bowman could be one of the breakout stories in Michigan over the next 8-12 months.  Equipped with size, length, athleticism, instincts, and skill, Bowman has the ability to control the tempo, take over the game, and contribute with his playmaking.  He can score at each level and while still raw in some areas the talented guard handles the ball, sees the floor, he can defend, and he can fill the box score with his activity and floor production.  A talented young guard who is just starting to bloom on the hardwood, look for Bowman to impress and open a lot of eyes over the next 18-24 months with stellar play during the high school season and during the spring and summer grassroots play.  

JR Cison – 2019 – PG – Lake Zurich (IL)
Another skilled below the radar talent, Cison can play and he can play no matter who you line up against him.  He handles it well, he is an exceptional passing guard, he can create in both transition and half court sets, his perimeter stroke can knock it down at each level, etc.  In terms of swagger, impact, leadership, and overall floor generalship Cison is an excellent prospect on a number of levels.  One of those talented guards who just goes overlooked at times, Cison is pound for pound as talented as many that receive most hype.  If he can produce during the high school season to the level he has at times each of the past couple of falls, look for him to get a lot of looks and start to generate a lot of attention from different levels of schools.  This kid can play with anyone on the hardwood.  

Darryl Brooks – 2019 – PG – Menomonee Falls High School (WI)
A talented young lead guard with toughness, heart, and determination, Brooks is a hard working talent who has continued to improve with each passing year.  A solid athlete with quickness, handles, and the ability to contribute on both ends of the floor, Brooks can attack off the bounce, he has range on his jumper, he can defend, and he leads by example.  A floor impact type with the ability to provide leadership through effort, maturity, and skill, Brooks can play.  Look for him to really take a huge step forward with quality play during the high school season and during the spring and summer travel circuit.

Solomon Gustafson – 2020 – F – Rock Island High School (IL)
A 6-6 plus forward with length, skill, and instincts, Gustafson has quietly blossomed into an intriguing talent with a lot of potential.  He can finish at multiple levels, he can defend multiple positions, and he’s really just starting to realize his potential on the hardwood.  Still raw in some areas, Gustafson is another of those late blooming talents who just continues to grind and improve with each passing year.  Look for him to continue to do much of the same and I expect him to open a lot of eyes over the next 18-24 months with his strong play both during the high school season as well as during the spring and summer travel campaigns.

David Skogman – 2019 – F/C – Waukesha West High School (WI)
Standing 6-10 with length, Skogman is a skilled big man with the ability to contribute on both ends of the floor.  He has decent athleticism, excellent size, solid instincts, and his ability to face up and score combined with an ability to finish with either hand in the paint is impressive.  Far from a finished product, Skogman showed flashes of potential this past spring and summer and again this fall he opened eyes with a solid effort at the annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp.  A late blooming big with skill, agility, instincts, feel, and potential, look for Skogman to continue to open some eyes and take leaps forward over the next 8-12 months.