A strong, physical guard, Brown Deer 2018 Jay Gentry is hearing from several college programs this fall after putting together a strong summer with the Kevon Looney Rebels.  At 6’1, 195-pounds, Gentry can play both guard spots and has developed into a knock down shooter from behind the 3-point arc. He can handle the ball, likes to get his teammates involved and works hard to keep his teammates in the game.

Gentry says that with a lot of hard work, he has developed into a reliable shooter from 3-point distance, something he wasn’t known for earlier in his basketball career.  “Over this summer I really improved my shot,” he said. “My jump shot is tremendously better. There was a time in point where I didn’t even have the confidence to shoot the ball. My ball handling also improved. It helps me get to where I need to be and make sure that I can get the shot off or get the ball to my shooters.”

After averaging 18.7 points and 4.2 rebounds as a junior for Brown Deer, Gentry has high expectations for the upcoming season after falling in the WIAA Regional Finals to Cedarburg a year ago.  “I expect to lead my team to a state championship,” Gentry said. “I expect to also complete a lot of personal goals as well. Averaging a certain number of points, assists. I also am going to be taking on that leadership role. I plan to be a guy that will lead the team to victory every game.”

A fan of former Kentucky standout Isaiah Briscoe, Gentry says he sees himself in the former high school standout.  “We have the same body type and almost the same height,” Gentry said. “I think a lot of my game is similar to him in high school.”

Gentry says his dad has had the biggest influence on his basketball career to date and he is still helping him elements to his game.  “He is always taking me to games and helping me with everything,” Gentry said. “He is always in my ear talking to me, and motivating me. He’s helping me get better each and every day.

“I’m working on my explosiveness right now. I’m trying to get more bouncy. Be faster. That’s going to be big for my game this season.”