The 12th annual NY2LA Sports Invitational tips off this weekend and the development platform is once again set to host over 200 teams from across the Midwest.  Regarded as one of the premiere platforms to close the spring travel season, the NY2LA Sports Invitational is set to host teams from Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin  Here’s a quick look at those set to attend this weekend…


17U DIVISION (46 Teams)
Kessel Heat NY2LA, Playground Elite NY2LA, Wisconsin Swing NY2LA, Mercury Elite Thomas NY2LA, Mac Irvin Fire Elite, Milwaukee RS Elite Dillon, Wisconsin Shooters NY2LA, Team RWA, Quad City Elite NY2LA, All In Athletics Linton NY2LA, Michigan Titans, MBA Select Indy NY2LA, MBA Select NY2LA, DTA Devin Harris NY2LA, Wisconsin Blizzard NY2LA, Pyramid Elite, Wisconsin Dynasty, Indiana Faith 2018, Wisconsin Jets, All In Athletics Pryor, Chicago Lockdown Kmiec, Wisconsin Swing Janusek, Milwaukee Rebels, All In Athletics Green, Nebraska Bobcats, Illinois Flash, Minnesota Knights, Kessel Heat Maestranzi, Wisconsin Swing Meinecke, Mercury Elite Tiknis, Wisconsin Hoops Select, Kessel Heat Dwayne, Illinois Wolverines, Team Hungry, Illinois Rockets, Indiana Faith 2018 Red, Illinois Fastbreak, Fox Valley Future, Badger State Warriors, Playground Elite Exclusive, Team 1848, Mercury Elite Binder, Wisconsin Focus, All In Athletics Dombrowski, Wisconsin Legacy, Mercury Elite Rush
16U DIVISION (48 Teams)
Quad City Elite, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Ray Allen Select Nau, Illinois Attack Lowe, Kessel Heat Black, Playground Elite EYBL, Mercury Elite Teagle, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Chicago Lockdown, MKE Spartans-Rebels Elite, Made Men, Larry Hughes Basketball Academy Red, Wisconsin Shooters, All In Athletics Braverman, MBA Select, ET21 Buckeyes, RAS Donaldson, Nu Vision Ballers Red, Fundamental U 2020, Wisconsin RAP, Minnesota Heat, Team RWA, Wisconsin Swish, Larry Hughes Basketball Academy White, Breakaway Basketball, Milwaukee Rebels, Lifezone & Epic 360 Miller, Wisconsin Swing Bredesen, Wisconsin Dynasty, TP Elite, Wisconsin Streak Select, Illinois Attack Brown, Twin Cities Finest, Playground Elite Stokes, All In Athletics Jackson, Wisconsin Swing Schieve, La Crosse Elevate Blackwell, Lifezone & Epic 360 Dello, MKE Elite, Wisconsin Blizzard Bunders, Milwaukee Rebels Holland, Wisconsin Blizzard Ivory, Wisconsin Jets, Team 1848, Chicago Lockdown V, Wisconsin Attack, Respect The Game, Lifezone & Epic 360 Simonini
15U DIVISION (48 Teams)
Wisconsin Playground Warriors, ET21 Buckeyes, Playground Elite Smith, Kessel Heat Black, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Larry Hughes Basketball Academy, Ray Allen Select, Pyramid Elite, Wisconsin Shooters, Chicago Lockdown Green, Butler Elite, Quad City Elite, MBA Select, Illinois Attack Friel, Milwaukee Rebels, Made Men, Nu Vision Ballers Platinum, Wisconsin Jets, Gallo Sports Center, Wisconsin RAP Greben, Mercury Elite Stephens, Wisconsin Swing Schieve,, Sconnie Crush Black, WI Hoops Select, Illinois Blaze, Wisconsin Focus Blue, Young Legends, Lifezone & Epic 360, Wisconsin Swish, Sconnie Crush Purple, Minnesota Heat Cober, Chicago Lockdown Honn, Irvin Select, Wisconsin Ballers, Flash, La Crosse Elevate Hamilton, Breakaway Basketball, Wisconsin Blizzard Leland, Wisconsin Dynasty, Wisconsin RAP Cook, Wisconsin Crusaders, Wisconsin Focus White, Wisconsin Swing Bredesen, Illinois Attack Graff, NESYB, Wisconsin Swing Morovitz, Illinois Rockets, Wisconsin Surge

14U DIVISION (32 Teams)
Ray Allen Select, Nu Vision Ballers, Butler Elite, Wisconsin Swish, Playground Elite Fletcher, Illinois Roadrunners, WI Playground Warriors, MBA Select, Wisconsin Shooters, Breakaway Basketball, Lakeshore Force, Illinois Attack, MKE Rebels, Western Spring Blazers, Playground Elite Terrell, Midwest Wildcats, Young Legends, WI Hoops Select, Fox Valley Kings, Wisconsin RAP, Fitzsimmons Magic, Evolution Elite, Green Bay Gunners, Milwaukee Swing, Wisconsin Playmakers Walderan, Wisconsin Swing Bredesen, Wisconsin Lakers, Ball Like Me Flames, Muhskies, Wisconsin Crusaders, Loyalty Hoops, Wisconsin Blizzard Thomas

13U DIVISION (24 Teams)
Wisconsin Shooters, ET21 Buckeyes, Playground Elite, MBA Select, Ray Allen Select, Illinois Rockets, Illinois Attack GNBA, Wisconsin Swish, Lakeshore Force, Wisconsin RAP, Chicago Lockdown, 920 Elite, Green Bay Gunners, Midwest Wildcats, Evolution Elite, Wisconsin Blizzard Donaldson, HoopDreams Select, Wisconsin Sports Academy, Illinois Attack Reese, Wisconsin Raiders, Illinois Attack Collins, Milwaukee Swing, Wisconsin Blizzard Thomas, Midwest Finest

12U DIVISION (16 Teams)
Playground Elite Bolden, MBA Select, Wisconsin Shooters, Illinois Blaze, All In Athletics, MKE Spartans-Rebels Elite, Illinois Attack, Wisconsin Focus, Milwaukee Rebels, Wisconsin Crusaders, Madison Spartans, Hoop Kings, Evolution Elite, Titletown Rim Rockers, Milwaukee Swing, Wisconsin Blizzard Vandewettering

11U DIVISION (8 Teams)
Ray Allen Select, Wisconsin Swing Van Wie, Milwaukee Swing A, Butler Elite, Boys & Girls Club Elite, Lakeshore Force, Wisconsin Focus, Milwaukee Swing B

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