Annual prospects emerge at various points and time and while some may start early and others late the race generally has the same perspective and finish line in mind so to speak.  As 2019 prospects go many are already highly coveted talents while others may bloom late or are starting their ascent.  Case is point is 2019 SG Harlond Beverly, a standout wing from Michigan who has started to take flight and should continue to do so exponentially over the next 24 months.

Standing at 6-4 and weighing 160 plus pounds, Beverly is a long lean wing with athleticism, quickness, and skill.  The gifted sophomore has an advanced skill set that he utilizes to finish at all three levels while doing so in a smooth and easy fashion.  He can spot up in transition or half court sets, he has solid slashing ability to score in transition and off the bounce, or if needed he can take smaller guards to the blocks where he can finish over them or around them on occasion.  Equipped with an ability to rip the nets from the perimeter in bunches at his best, the versatile scoring package of Beverly is bolstered by his ability to elevate on the approach and run the floor.  He moves well on both ends, has solid instincts and feel, and he looks and feels the part of a high major impact wing who’s just starting his ascent on the rest of the 2019 class of prospects.

Beverly exploded in October capturing MVP honors for his class at the annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp where he delivered a scintillating display of instincts, skill, and potential.  Currently collecting early interest from Iowa, Iowa State, and Nebraska, Beverly is a legitimate Division 1 prospect with high major potential who stands to collect a lot of attention on his recruiting trail in the coming years as he grows and develops physically and skill wise.  A sleeper starting to bloom this fall, Beverly is a must recruit talent for mid and high major schools looking for an impact wing in the 2019 class both regionally and nationally.

He plays for the R.E.A.C.H. Legends during the grassroots travel season.