Championship Sunday took place yesterday at the NY2LA Next Level Invitational. Here are some of the standouts from the 17U division.

2017 6’7” F Max Curran – Grassroots Hoops – Notch got a lot of attention on Sunday. The 6-foot-7-inch forward showed good timing, anticipation and athleticism when it came to protecting the rim. Jordan had showed prior to yesterday that he could swat shots from opponents looking to come into the lane. In addition to his ability to block shots, Notch showed he could make some open threes and be an excellent above the rim transition finisher.

2017 6’2” CG Matt Beachler – Greenwood Elite – Part of what made Greenwood Elite successful this week was outside shooting and Beachler was a big part of that. Given his size, he’ll have to get better at playing on the ball, but there is no question to his value as an outside shooter.

2017 5’9” CG Allante Pickens – TAW – Pickens proved to be a knock down shooter as well as a guard wo can play on and off the ball. He did an excellent job spacing the floor by making a number of three pointers off the catch.

2017 5’8” PG Justin Brookens – DTA Devin Harris Superstars – Brookens is a driving force to the DTA squad. Not only is he a skilled outside shooter, but he attacks the rim and sets the defensive tone for his team as a perimeter defender. The Vincent High School guard can also attack the rim off the bounce and drive and find open teammates. A balanced floor general in the making.

2017 6’2” PG Koreem Ozier – Playground Elite Green – Ozier does a solid job of attacking off the bounce. Combined with occasional outside shooting, Ozier loves to play downhill and get to the rim. Once he decides to penetrate he can take advantage as a scorer or a facilitator. Koreem will need to add strength which will both help his outside shooting and his ability to finish through contact.

2017 6’ CG Jamel Barnes – Muncie Central – Barnes was impressive as a scorer in a big championship win over the Minnesota Comets Kirchner. Barnes showed off his three-point shooting, ability to attack the rim and finish in transition. Barnes plays with a ton of confidence and that proved to be a key to his success.

2017 6’4” G/F Robert McClain Jr. – MN Comets Kirchner – McClain, despite the losing effort to Lockdown Elite Holmes, put together a solid performance for his team. He has a thin, long frame that allows him to impact the game as a rim protector, rebounder and a finisher around the rim. His jump shot will need to continue to get better, but McClain has a skill set that sees him be crafty with the basketball and get to the rim his own way.

2017 6’3” G Demarius Jacobs – All-In Y&R – Jacobs was once again a major factor in the success of his team. On Championship Sunday, Jacobs led his team in scoring. Jacobs continues to show athleticism, bounce and a defensive foundation that could very well make him a very solid two-way player.