Day four of the Next Level Invitational built on the success of the prior three days. Here are some of the standouts from 15, 16 and 17U.

2016 6’7” WG Rod Johnson – Wisconsin Swing Litscher – No one did themselves more favors on day four than Johnson. He proved that when he’s playing aggressive he can score in a variety of ways. His length allows him to get to the rim and score and it also allows him to shoot over the top of smaller defenders. Johnson did a good job of not only shooting from the outside, but showed that he could develop as a scorer from the post.

2018 6’4” SG Aaron Gill – Grassroots Hoops – Gill is about as high of flyer as there is in this event. If Grassroots is playing fast and getting out in the open floor, watch out, because Gill will put someone on a poster quickly. His leaping ability also allows him to provide rim protection and he’s a solid rebounder. However, his offensive game will need to expand because when he’s in the half court, he’s not quite the same player as he is when he’s in the open floor.

2017 6’5” WG Austin McCullogh – Greenwood Elite – McCullogh is a tough player who looks to rebound, get out in the open floor and finish and he’s a very solid catch and shoot perimeter scorer as well. 

2017 5’11” PG Bryson Langdon – TAW – Langdon is a solid scoring guard. He brings a confidence and calm to the lead guard position. He communicates well on both ends of the floor and is able to knock down shots from deep. The Kenwood Academy-product can score at all three levels and push the pace when needed.

2017 6’5” G/F Jamal Smith – TAW – Smith is very athletic, especially in the open floor. He likes to get out and he’s proven he can finish strong at the time. While he may not be a knock down shooter, he is capable of extending the defense with a perimeter jumper. Smith has a solid, thick frame that allows him to take contact when he does attack the rim; certainly an intriguing wing prospect.

2017 6’4” CG Alondis Williams – Young Legends – Williams is a big combo guard. He posses a thick, chiseled frame and he loves to get to the rim using his body and his aggression as a slasher. Perimeter defenders cannot give him an opening because Williams will look to take them off the dribble and finish at the rim. The offensive end is not the only side of the floor where Williams likes to assert himself physical. Defensively Williams is unafraid to get into an opponent’s chest and leave little room for them to operate as a ball handler.

2017 6’6” WF Jamaris Johnson – MN Select Ohnstad – Johnson stands 6-foot-6 but might as well be 6’8” or 6’9” because he plays as a power forward. Jamaris operates best from the free throw line-area and in. He’s a solid rebounder for his size and gets a number of points as an offensive rebounder on put backs. He has solid length and he can use that length to be disruptive as a defender. His activity level on both ends is what you want to see. To top it all off, he’s a pretty decent athlete as well who can finish above the rim with space.

2017 6’3” SG Noah Whalen – MN Select Ohnstad – Whalen is a capable, off-the-catch three-point shooter. He plays with good energy and communicates on the floor. Whalen’s hustle and effort allows him to be a solid team defender as well.

2017 6’7” F Josh McGreal – MN Select Ohnstad – McGreal is still a little raw in his skill set, but he has a foundation that catches your eye. He has solid positional size for a player who plays a ¾-combo role. His outside jumper needs more consistency and he’ll have to become a better defender, but if he can improve those areas he could make a transition to a wing who is also capable of scoring from the post.

2017 6’ PG Jamal Thomas – All-In/Future Elite – Thomas is a quick, tough, low-to-the-ground guard who can handle it and attack the rim. Dribble penetration is what stands out most about Thomas’ game, which allows him to not only attack the rim, but to also find open teammates around the rim.

2017 6’8” PF Sarion McGee – Playground Elite Green – McGee has a thick, fairly chiseled frame and certainly looks the part as a bruiser inside player. However, his offensive skill is still in the developing stages. He’s brings a solid amount of energy and makes most of his impact as a rebounder.

2017 6’2” PG Adam Smith – Wisconsin Playground Warriors – Smith is a heady and solid lead guard. He plays with vision and toughness that both allow him to slash and either drive and finish or drive and find an open teammate. Additionally, Smith is a capable three-point shooter.

2017 6’3” PG Andrew Lewis – Wisconsin Shooters – Lewis is a strong attack guard who likes to get to the rim off the bounce. Lewis has good positional size and competes on the defensive end, staying active and using his length to keep opposing guards in front of him. Lewis has plenty of bounce and is a very capable scorer. By adding a consistent shot, Lewis’ contributions at the collegiate level could see him be a solid two-way player.

2017 6’8” G/F Brandon Hau – Wisconsin Shooters – Hau showed he could possibly be developed into a stretch four. He’s a capable rebounder, especially on the offensive side of the floor. 

2018 6’2” PG Jaylen Rogers – IL Stars IBA
– Rogers is an attacking guard who likes to score. He can score at all three levels, but is best as a slasher and mid-range pull-up shooter. His perimeter game needs more focus to increase his consistency. Rogers can push the pace and advance the ball in the open floor, but can sometimes play a bit out of control. Nonetheless, his motor is always going on the offensive end.

2018 6’9” F/C Jalen Shaw – IL Stars IBA – Shaw has the height for his position, but still needs to fill out the frame. While still in the development stages, he showed flashes of being able rebound the ball at it’s highest point off the rim and block shots. Shaw’s post game isn’t there yet, but if he can develop one Shaw could become an intriguing prospect.

2018 6’4” G/F Lacey Watson – Quad City Elite – Watson has good size and is a three-level scorer. He showed the floater, ability to shoot on the move and the ability to shoot from the perimeter. While his shot isn’t consistent yet, anytime Lacey gets the ball he demands attention.

2018 6’2” CG Jack Gohlke – Young Legends – Gohlke is a scoring guard who also plays on the ball. He proved to have a fairly solid jumper and he helps his team on the glass. He’ll need to get more experience as a lead guard, which will help raise his stock as a prospect, but his scoring instincts show some promise.

2018 6’5” WG Breontae Hunt – Young Legends – Hunt can be an extra ball handler for an offense. In addition, he has good positional size, given that he would eventually fill out his frame. He’s a capable three-point shooter, but his best asset is as a slasher, where he can use his body to get to the rim.

2019 6’9” PF Nobal Days – Butler Elite
– Days relies very much on his natural instincts and size. As of now, the skill he has can be seen in the form of his high-low passing ability and decent rebounding ability. As a post player, he’s able to make quick moves by his defender but he has to become a better finisher and decision maker around the rim. He can handle the ball fairly well for his size and can even defend out to the perimeter.

2019 6’1” CG Tyrese Shines – Chicago Lockdown – Shines is a fearless attacking guard who likes to get into the paint. He’s a capable long-ball shooter and can play either guard spot. Shines contributes as a solid rebounder, brings plenty of energy to the floor that his teammates can be encouraged from. Without question he plays hard on both ends.

2020 6’4” G/F Austin Andrews – Net Gain Sports – Andrews is listed as a guard and forward, but he’s a young post player in the making. He has pass ready hands and does a good job of finding open space inside to get quick and easy looks at the rim. He had a number of times catching passes inside and in the post that he was able to convert for scores. Aside from his post play, Andrews also showed he could make the open three as well.

2019 6’3” G Deonte Billups – Quad City Elite – Billups has what it takes to be a solid two-way player. His defensive activity is good and he takes the challenge of taking away space from opposing guards when defending on the ball. He likes to use his size to get to the rim, but he showed he could also make the three as well. While he doesn’t look to shoot much, Deonte has the floater in his young arsenal as well. Additionally, Billups is a pretty good rebounding guard..

2019 6’5” PF Quinn Cafferty – Butler Elite – Cafferty is a young up and coming front court player who can play inside and out. He has a solid perimeter stroke to go along with solid finishing ability inside. If he can increase his athleticism and continue to develop his jumper, Cafferty could be a prospect to watch in the future.

2019 6’5” F Karl Wright – IL Irish Elite – Wright certainly has the look when he steps on the floor. Long arms, chiseled frame and a good starting point in terms of height. Wright plays more of a power forward, post role. His typical offense consists of catching and finishing inside or offensive rebound and put backs. However, he does show flashes of a mid-range game and he does take contact fairly well. Wright will need to learn to be more assertive if he’s to play inside and hopefully that will lead to an increase in rebounds. Overall, there’s a lot to be optimistic about in Wright’s game.