Day two of the NY2LA Next Level Invitational saw a number of big time games from a number of future prospects. Here are some names to know from the 15, 16 and 17U Association squads.

(Note: These are in no particular order and are not all inclusive.)

2017 6’5” G Doug Wallen – Illinois Irish Elite – Wallen is a tough prospect on both ends of the floor. He’s alert of defense, rebounds the ball and does a nice job scoring it. To top it all off, he’s a solid athlete who can play above the rim in space.

2017 6’ G Jack Nolan – Mercury Elite Thomas – Nolan showed he has the upside to be a good scorer on and off the ball. While his handles need to continue to be an area of improvement, he’s got enough wiggle in his handles that he can create his own shot off the bounce and look good doing so. He has nice range and accuracy on his three ball as well. Small schools looking for a spark in the scoring department need to take a look at him.

2016 5’9” PG Roman Penn – SYF Players – Penn proved to be a reliable scoring guard. 
In fact, he showed he could shoot the ball pretty well from deep and also attack off the bounce and finish. Penn demonstrated good instincts on the floor, led his team and produced consistently.

2017 6’2” PG P.J. Pipes – IL Stars IBA – Pipes has good size and is a tough scoring guard. He’s a bit streak from distance at times, but when he gets going you can’t lose sight of him in the half court. He scores well at all three levels and takes contact at the rim.

2017 6’2” CG Simeon Henton – Playground Elite Wilson – Henton is certainly a scorer with range. He proved to be efficient and a guard who can shoot it off the catch accurately. Henton is quick off the bounce and can finish in the open floor.

(Note: These are in no particular order and are not all inclusive.)

2018 6’5” F Deandre Gholston – SYF Players – Gholston possess a thick frame that he uses to work his way into the lane for buckets. While his jumper still needs to get better, he has the upside to be a solid two-way player. Gholston continues to produce at each stop; playing with good energy.

2018 6’7” F Orlando Allen – SYF Players – Allen has the height and look of a wing, but he plays more of a combo-forward role for SYF. Allen’s length allows him to be a solid rebounder and a guy who can be disruptive defensively; including blocking shots.

2018 6’ PG Ahmad Muhammad – Kessel Heat Black – Muhammad plays with a solid balance of score and pass. He shows court vision, plays with pace and advances the ball on the break. While his shot needs to continue to become more consistent, Ahmad can make open threes and he can get in the lane and score with a floater. 

2018 6’ PG Matt Mims – Martin Brothers Select – Mims shot the long ball extremely well in his team’s first game of day two. Mims’ shooting touch spread the floor and was deadly accurate throughout the game. He showed good court awareness that resulted in easy looks for teammates. Overall, Mims showed he could be a playmaker and a capable scorer.

2018 6’4” G Mitch Listau – Wisconsin Swing Litscher – Listau started out the day showing off his shooting touch. He does a good job of shooting and connecting from the free-throw line area. Mitch can also put the ball on the floor and score it off the glass. To cap off his scoring ability, Listau can also stretch the defense with outside shooting.

2018 6’6” F Grant Basile – Wisconsin Shooters – Basile has good instincts and solid skill. He makes the right play with the ball in his hands, runs the floor and has good instincts out on the floor. 

(Note: These are in no particular order and are not all inclusive.)

2019 6’1” PG Cole Nau – Ray Allen Select Milwaukee – Nau is an attacking guard who plays fearlessly. Even if his jumper is not falling consistently, Cole understands how to get to the rim and either finish or pass the ball off to an open teammate.

2019 6’5” WG Marcus Domask – Ray Allen Select Milwaukee – Domask is full of upside. His ability to shoot the mid-range jumper is a sign that his long-range jumper should eventually get better as he matures. Marcus can also get inside the paint and score with the floater. The future is promising for Domask as he projects to be a multi-positional player who should be pretty versatile.

2019 5’7” PG Jeremiah Washington – All-In Athletics Y&R – Washington was very impressive in his team’s evening session game. He led his team as a true floor general. He consistently beat his defender off the dribble, got into the lane and dished the ball to open teammates. He showed quickness, speed and vision as a lead guard. 

2019 6’6” F DeChaun Anderson – All-In Athletics Y&R – Anderson was a handful on the glass at both ends of the floor. While he’s still raw offensively, Anderson showed he could put the ball on the floor and pass it off to a teammate for an open look at the rim. He’ll need to develop his post game, but he’s aggressive at attacking the rim with a bully-style. 

2019 6’11” C Owen Coburn – Martin Brothers Select – Coburn is very skilled for his age and size. He has a soft touch around the rim and can finish in a variety of ways inside. Coburn keeps his hands and arms straight up when contesting shots to avoid any unnecessary fouls and proved to be very effective at blocking shots. Owen is mobile for his size and is comfortable leaving the paint to defend near the arc. Needless to say, Coburn offers a ton of potential and production at both ends for years to come.