The 11th annual NY2LA Sports Invitational is set to tip off again this upcoming weekend and once again the tournament will feature some quality prospects and teams up and down the age groups.  Over 225 teams will descend on the state of Wisconsin May 20-22, 2016 for three more days of exciting grassroots hoops action.  Games will tip Friday night and run throughout the weekend with championships in all ages tipping late afternoon and early evening on Sunday.  Here’s a quick look at the teams set to compete this weekend in Wisconsin…


Playground Elite Wilson, Illinois Stars IBA, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Mercury Elite Thomas, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Chicago Lockdown, Illinois Irish Elite, Young Legends/TP Elite, Martin Brothers, MBA Select, Wisconsin Shooters, Mac Irvin Orange, Quad City Elite, DTA Devin Harris Superstars, Kessel Heat Black, RAS Milwaukee, All In Athletics Henry, Illinois Attack, Full Package Walker, NESYB, Playground Elite Green, Illinois Old School Fears, Wisconsin Swing Bredesen, Wisconsin Swish, TAW, Wisconsin Dynasty, Illinois Irish Select, Wisconsin Jets, Mercury Elite Robinson, Wisconsin Crusaders, Full Package Dmitry, Atown Rebels, Wisconsin Swing Koslowski, Basketball Paradise, PTP Hoops, Courtsense Academy, Wisconsin Focus, Illinois Ballers, Illinois Old School Antoz, Wisconsin Evolution, All In Athletics Mason, Wisconsin Blizzard Thomas, Wisconsin RAP, Kessel Heat Platinum, Chicago Lockdown Kmiec, Team 1848, Ball Like Me Flames, Chicago Lockdown London

Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Howard Pulley, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, MBA Select, Wisconsin United, Martin Brothers, Wisconsin Shooters, Illinois Irish Elite, Illinois Stars IBA, Butler Elite, Chicago Lockdown Maestranzi, Wisconsin Blizzard Pronschinske, Quad City Elite, Indiana Faith 2018, Wisconsin Playmakers Knutson, Kessel Heat Black, Milwaukee Rebels, All In Athletics, DTA Devin Harris Superstars, Tri-City Thunder, Milwaukee Spartans, Illinois Old School, Wisconsin Swish, Illinois Celtics, Wisconsin Swing Janusek, TAW, Wisconsin Focus, Illinois Flash, Indiana Faith Black, Wisconsin Playmakers Clark, Full Package Dmitry, Wisconsin Blizzard Chase, Wisconsin Jets, RAS Milwaukee, Chicago Lockdown Herbeck, Wisconsin Swing Meinecke, Mercury Elite Jadzak, Wisconsin Crusaders, Wisconsin Dynasty, Kessel Heat Red, Flight Basketball, Illinois Stampede, Oshkosh Hoops, Illinois Attack, Wisconsin Hoops Select Tess, Illinois Irish Select, Green Bay United, MN Knights, 920 Elite, Mercury Elite Stebbins, Wisconsin Wizards, Joliet Pride Edmon, Badger State Warriors, Midwest Wildcats, East Troy, Full Package Sam

RAS Milwaukee, Chicago Select, Butler Elite, Howard Pulley Washington, Playground Elite, Quad City Elite, Chicago Lockdown, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Illinois Irish Elite, Wisconsin Blizzard LeCapatain, Illinois Stars IBA, Milwaukee Rebels, Martin Brothers, Mercury Elite Radenkorich, Kessel Heat, Wisconsin Shooters, MBA Select, Wisconsin Swing Knatz, Wisconsin United, Full Package Montay, Wisconsin Swing Bredesen, Wisconsin Swish, Illinois Attack, MKE Elite, IL Old School Braverman, Wisconsin Crusaders, Howard Pulley Maxey, MN Energy, Illinois Irish Select, RAS Milwaukee Blue, Chicago Lockdown V, Wisconsin Attack, Illinois Stampede, Team Legacy All-Stars, Wisconsin Blizzard Van Handel, Chicago Lockdown Mampe, EPIC Hoopz, Joliet Pride Corcoran, Illinois Old School Nelson, Get Buckets, Wisconsin Swing Schieve, Mercury Elite Keck, Wisconsin Wizards, Illinois Legacy

Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Chicago Lockdown, Howard Pulley Wade, Wisconsin Swing Schaefer, RAS Milwaukee, IBA Stars Mann, NESYB, Wisconsin Shooters, Mercury Elite 2020, Wisconsin Playmakers Schmitt, Milwaukee Spartans, Illinois Attack, Roadrunners, Milwaukee Rebels Black, Full Package Dmitry, Wisconsin Blizzard Murphy, Howard Pulley Taylor, Milwaukee Rebels Gold, Team Legacy All-Stars, Wisconsin Crusaders, Skills First, Wisconsin Swing Schieve, Lakeshore Force, Wisconsin RAP, Joliet Pride Redmond, Wisconsin Swish, Sconnie Crush, LaCrosse Elevate

Playground Elite Fletcher, Meanstreets Select, Flight Basketball, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Meanstreets Adams, One More Step, RAS Milwaukee, Kessel Heat Black, Joliet Pride Mallory, Butler Elite, Illinois Attack, Wisconsin Swing Thompson, Wisconsin Swing Regnier, Rockford Heat, Wisconsin RAP, Wisconsin Shooters, NESYB, Lakeshore Force, Wisconsin Blizzard Thomas, Playground Elite Terrell, Ball Like Me Flames, Wisconsin Swish, Wisconsin Crusaders, Wisconsin Lakers

Wisconsin Playground Warriors, MN Flames, Illinois Blaze, RAS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Scholars, Wisconsin Crusaders, Wisconsin Swing Mackenzie, Milwaukee Spartans, Wisconsin Blizzard Tomashek, Wisconsin RAP, Milwaukee Rebels, 920 Elite, NESYB, Wisconsin Swish

Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Illinois Legends, Joliet Pride Barefield, RAS Milwaukee, NESYB, Wisconsin Blizzard McGlothlin, Wisconsin Swing Renier, Green Bay Gunners Blast, Wisconsin Crusaders, Joliet Pride Edmon, Wisconsin Shooters, Wisconsin Blizzard Deschane, Lakeshore Force, Joliet Pride Martin

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