The NY2LA Sports GNBA Championships tipped off Saturday and many players had impressive showings. The holiday weekend will end with each age group crowning a league champion. Here are the standout players from the first day of the tournament…



Carlos Johnson - 6-4 - F - Mac Irvin Fire - 2020
Johnson had an incredible game against Top Flight. He scored 31 points on 15-21 shooting from the field. He also had seven rebounds, four steals and three assists in the game. Fantastic size for his age as he approaches 6-foot-5. He was all over the court rebounding, blocking shots, leading the fast break, finishes at the basket. Johnson is a player to track over the next handful of years.

Deontay Long - 6-3 - G - Milwaukee Spartans - 2019
Long scored 13 points in the first seven minutes against 43 Hoops. He finished with ... in the game. He has the complete game at an early age plus he has a height advantage over most opponents. His feel for the game is advanced.  Long's vision and passing ability really sets him apart. He can beat defenses by scoring himself or setting up his teammates for easy baskets. Long has a bright future. 

Gerald Doakes - 5-11 - PG - ABC Select - 2020
Doakes is a high level ankle breaker and scorer. There are few players his age with the combination of ball-handling and dribble moves that Doakes possesses. He finishes well once he gets to the basket and he has good form on his outside shot. He had 17 points and four moo rebounds on Saturday afternoon.  Doakes will make mixtape editors happy down the road.

Karl Wright - 6-3 - PF - Illinois Irish - 2019
Wright started the GNBA Championship weekend in impressive fashion as he scored 16 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in the Irish victory. He is long with a solid frame for his age. He rebounded really well early Saturday morning against the Iowa Barnstormers. Wright showed the ability to play around the rim. There is a lot of potential to Wright's game.

Declan Ciurlik - 6-2 - PF - Wisconsin Shooters- 2020
Ciurlik had 13 points and 11 rebounds in a 45-41 loss to the ET21 Buckeyes. He finished really well around the basket. He cleaned up misses and converted in the lane when teammates set him up. Ciurlik is active on the glass as well proven by his 11 rebounds. He helped break the Team Ramey press quite effectively.

Alec Millender - 5-9 - PG - ET21 Buckeyes - 2020
Millender was productive despite only having one point against the Wisconsin Shooters. He is a smooth ball-handler with excellent vision. He had six assists in the Saturday morning game. Millender also had five steals and three rebounds.  

Joshua Coats - 5-10 - G - Mac Irvin Fire - 2020
Coats had 15 points against Top Flight but none were any bigger than his last two. They came on a shot in the lane where he took contact from a defender and still finished the play. It went through the hoop with just two seconds left in overtime. Coats is a skilled player that is best when he is getting to the lane.  

Joshua Kamara - 6-2 - SF - Top Flight - 2020
Kamara tallied 18 points on just six shots Saturday morning. He showed the ability to play inside or on the perimeter. Kamara got to the free throw line frequently as well.  He went 8-10 from the stripe.

Adam Hagan - 6-4 - C - Kessel Heat - 2020
The center controlled the paint on his way to a double-double of 18 points and 11 rebounds in a blow out win. He was especially good on the offensive glass where he grabbed seven of his rebounds.  Hagan finishes with touch around the basket and if he missed the first attempt, he stayed with the play and converted the second chance. 

Tae Henry - 6-4 - F - Playground Elite - 2019
The athletic forward had 18 points in Playground Elite's win over Mac Irvin Fire. He showed the ability to finish above the rim on a couple fast breaks. Henry was efficient throughout the game as he shot eight of ten from the field.

Dachaun Anderson - 6-4 - F - Mac Irvin Fire - 2019
Anderson was a bright spot for Mac Irvin Fire in its loss to Playground Elite. Anderson finished with 18 points and seven rebounds in the game. He is a good athlete with size. He showed that he can handle the ball in transition as well as finish the play himself at the basket. Anderson played hard throughout the game despite facing a large deficit most of the way.

Trequan Carrington - 5-9 - PG - Playground Elite - 2019
Carrington impacted the game in a number of ways Saturday. He finished with 13 points, eight assists and four rebounds in Playground Elite's win over Mac Irvin Fire. He possesses good quickness off the dribble as well as vision.   He showed the ability to make shots from the perimeter on Saturday.

Demetrius Johnson - 6-1 - SF - Milwaukee Spartans - 2019
Johnson was a monster on the offensive backboard for the Spartans against 43 Hoops. He has excellent length that allows him to play bigger than his height. Johnson's motor was running at full speed  and it led to terrific production.

Kendall Anderson - 6-0 - C - Mac Irvin Fire - 2021
Anderson is a beast at this level. He has a massive height and strength advantage which he knows how to use well. In the morning game, Anderson had 20 points and 19 rebounds including 13 offensive rebounds on Saturday morning. He followed it up with 20 points and 22 rebounds in the afternoon.

Terry Lockett - 5-10 - PG - Team Sizzle - 2020
Pickett is highly skilled offensively and a high level pest on the defensive end. He handles the ball well and makes good decisions on the break. He is capable of scoring in the lane and from the outside alike.  Pickett gets overshadowed by teammate Jalen Suggs at times, but he is a stellar player in his own right. Pickett finished with a stat line of 15 points,  seven assists,  five rebounds and two steals. 

Caleb Love - SG - Team Ramey - 2020 
Love caught fire from behind the arc in the second half.  His shooting exploits led Ramey back from a 12 point deficit. Love finished the game with 20 points with most of them coming in the second half. 

Trey Pettigrew - G - Core 6 - 2022
Pettigrew touched the nets on Saturday. He had a 24 point first half on his way to 30 points. His team won with ease.  Pettigrew is a lights out shooter from the outside.

Kobe Johnson - G - Wisconsin Playground Warriors - 2021
Johnson is wise and asked beyond his years on the basketball court.  He is always under control and reading the defense. He is solid from the outside and can get to the basket off the dribble.  His passing ability stands out especially for his grade level. Johnson is fun to watch.