Day two of the 2015 NY2LA Sports Invitational saw explosive scoring outputs by multiple players. Jack Nolan went off for 18 points in the first half of one game on Saturday. Drew Peterson also had a big half in a relatively low scoring game. Also stepping up was 2018 PG Tre Jones who led Howard Pulley into Championship Sunday with a couple of wins.  Here is a closer look at some of the eye-catching performances from day two at the NY2LA Sports Invitational…


Justin Pierce - 6-5 - SG - Mercury Elite - 2016

Pierce had 19 points in a narrow loss to EG10 on Saturday. He started the game with a bang. Within the first 100 seconds, Pierce had a breakaway dunk, a tip-in on an offensive rebound and a spot-up 3-pointer. Pierce showed a great feel for the game while being versatile. He saw the floor when he had the ball in his hands on the perimeter. He posted up when smaller defenders guarded him. It is crazy schools are not offering Pierce scholarships.

Jack Nolan - 5-10 - G - IBA Select - 2017
The small guard put up a monster performance. Nolan scorched the nets for 18 points in the first half for IBA Select. His shooting from outside, mid-range and close range did not allow RAS a chance in the game. He is quick off the dribble with excellent feel in the mid-range to complement his outside shooting. He finished the game with 26 points.

Lacey Watson - 6-3 - SG - Quad City Elite - 2018 
Watson tallied 24 points in a Quad City Elite victory over Kessel Heat on Saturday morning. He is a good athlete that slasher to the basket with ease. His size and athleticism are tough to deal with at this level. He is best in the open court when he can utilize his size and athleticism. Watson took advantage whenever the defense was not set to defend him. He has a chance to be a major player down the road.

Drew Peterson - 6-3 - SG - Kessel Heat - 2018
Friday night, Connor Peterson made the top performers list. Drew looked like he wanted to top him on Saturday. The brothers have similar games along the same body type. Drew likes to slash to the basket just like his older brother. They both prefer getting to the lane over shooting from the outside. Drew Peterson had 20 points in a loss to Quad City Elite on Saturday. It was an efficient 20 points.

Sterling Thorton - 6-1 - SG - Quad City Elite - 2016 
Thornton kept Quad City Elite in the game with his shooting on Saturday afternoon. He finished with a game-high 22 points in a loss to Tri-City Thunder. The guard made some important shots down the stretch to give Quad City a chance to pull out the victory. Thorton backed up the 22 point performance with a 20 point showing later in the day. He is good off the dribble as well as the catch. Thornton could be a really good small college player.

Tre Jones - 6-1 - PG - Howard Pulley - 2018

Jones set the tone early for Howard Pulley and he continued it throughout the game. He scored 12 of his 19 points in the first half. Jones did damage by getting to the basket against Full Package. He has quickness off the dribble and awareness when help comes. Jones plays up an age group but it is impossible to tell. He fits right in with the older players.

Goodnews Kpegeol - 6-4 - G - Minnesota Lockdown – 2018
Many people do not know the name Goodnews Kpegeol but they should soon. Kpegeol has all the tools to be a major college prospect. He has excellent size from the lead guard or shooting guard position. He is a very good athlete with a burst off the dribble. Kpegeol is best as a slasher right now. When he gets to the lane, he has the ability to finish at a high level or to find his teammates for an easier opportunity.

Eron Gordon – 6-2 – G – EG10 – 2016 
Gordon only had 12 points in EG10's victory over Mercury Elite on Saturday night, but he was solid down the stretch. Gordon was especially good in the second half where his decision making seemed to increase. Decision making and ball protection are two main areas to watch with Gordon going forward. He was solid in those two areas late in the game against Mercury Elite.

Devin Dillon - 5-10 - G - DTA - 2018

Dillon knocked down five 3-pointers to begin the day. He finished with 17 points. Dillon has a smooth outside shot that was on the mark Saturday. He also has quick feet and the ability to put the ball on the floor. If he adds muscle to his upper body, Dillon's game could go to a new level.

Camron Donatlan - 6-2 - SG - Illinois Rise - 2018
Donatlan had one of the most explosive dunks of the day during the Illinois Rise morning game. The sophomore to be took off outside of the lane line and slammed home the dunk. There are not many rising sophomores that can finish like that. That athleticism will give Donatlan an extremely high ceiling if he wants to work at the game. He finished with 12 points in a low scoring game.

Michael "Mick" Sullivan - 6-7 - C - Illinois Rise - 2018
The big post player controlled the paint for the Illinois Rise against the Illinois Celtics. He finished seemingly every time that he caught the ball in the paint. Sullivan showed a nice touch and some lift around the basket. He played with energy throughout the game. His effort, size and athleticism led to most of his production Saturday morning. If he continues to grow a couple more inches, Sullivan's college stock will rise. He has the tools to be a good college player even if he does not grow further.

Jarvis Thomas - 6-7 - PF - Minnesota Lockdown - 2018
The long, athletic Thomas battled Daniel Oturu and Howard Pulley on Saturday. The match-up brought out the competitiveness in each player. Thomas shows the ability to play in the mid-range which bodes well for his future development. He is also a good leaper that aggressively attacks rebounds. Thomas is going to be a good one. 

Alex Novakovich - 6-7 - F - Lakeshore Academy – 2017
Novakovich is a long wing that shoots the ball at a high level. He is not just a tall player that can shoot 3-pointers. He moves well for his size and he can put the ball on the floor in order to get to the basket. Proving that he can defend on the perimeter will be a key to Novakovich's college potential.