The 10th annual NY2LA Sports Invitational hits the hardwood again in Wisconsin this weekend as teams from across the Midwest take to the court for one of the premier events to wrap the spring travel season.  The tournament will feature 9u-17u divisions with games tipping off on Friday and running throughout the weekend into Sunday evening.  Here’s a look at all the teams scheduled to appear this weekend…


17U Division
EG10 Basketball, WI Swing Litscher, Quad City Elite Orange, Milwaukee Spartans, Full Package Walker, WI Shooters, Tri-City Thunder, Milwaukee Rebels, Chicago Lockdown, Playground Elite Black, Illinois Attack Chapman, WI Playmakers Jesperson, IL Irish Elite, MN Heat Northwest, Mercury Elite Thomas, WI Blizzard, WI Playground Warriors, Illinois Old School Kurz, Illinois Rise, WI Swish White, Playground Elite Blue, Full Package Mayne, Kessel Heat Black, Playground Elite White, WI Swing Bredesen, Wisconsin Heat, Midwest Wildcats Blue, Wisconsin X-Press, Wisconsin Jets, Court Sense Academy Orange, Wisconsin Swish Blue, Team Supreme, Court Sense Academy Blue, Kessel Heat Platinum, Quad City Elite Black, Midwest Wildcats White, Illinois Magic, TNL, Mercury Elite Kollar, Devil Dogs, Illinois Irish Select, X-Factor Black, Wisconsin Dynasty, Fox Valley Crush, Illinois Attack Moore, Peoria Heat

16U Division
Howard Pulley EYBL, Wisconsin Playmakers White, EG10 Basketball, Playground Elite EYBL, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Illinois Stars, Indiana Elite Hoop Dreams, Wisconsin Swing Litscher, Quad City Elite, Wisconsin Shooters White, Milwaukee Rebels, Full Package Pirshin Black, Illinois Irish Elite, NESYB, Chicago Lockdown, DTA, IL Old School McBride, Minnesota Lockdown, RAS Milwaukee, Full Package Pirshin Neon, Bolingbrook Magic, WI Playmakers Gaddis, Full Package McCray, Court Sense Academy, Illinois Attack Blanzy, Flash, WI Swing Bredesen, Illinois Attack Cleinmark, IL Rising Stars Elite, WI Attack, WI Swish, Full Package Moragne, Illinois Rise, Lakeshore Academy, Mercury Elite Kollar, Peoria Heat, WI Jets, WI Shooters Red, Bulls Premiere Kyle, A-Town Rebels, Bears Basketball 24-7, IBA Select 2017, Midwest Wildcats, Illinois Irish Select, Hoops 4 Health, Illinois Old School Ahmad

15U Division
WI Playground Warriors, Howard Pulley Black, EG10 Basketball, Wisconsin United, Illinois Irish Elite, Butler Elite, Quad City Elite, WI Swing Litscher, Chicago Lockdown, DTA, Wisconsin Shooters, Illinois Celtics, RAS Milwaukee, Illinois Rise, Fitzsimmons Magic, Tri-City Thunder, Milwaukee Spartans, Mercury Elite Red, MN Basketball Academy, Future Elite White, WI Blizzard, Kessel Heat Black, Milwaukee Rebels, Mercury Elite Black, NESYB, Kessel Heat Platinum, Hoops 4 Health, Illinois Stampede, Howard Pulley White, Illinois Fastbreak, Illinois T-Wolves, Minnesota Knights, Minnesota Lockdown, Kessel Heat Gold, Wisconsin Swish, Wisconsin Wizards, Illinois Irish Select, Joliet Pride Black, Midwest Wildcats Blue, Mercury Elite Stebbins, Joliet Pride White, Kessel Heat Red

14U Division
RAS Milwaukee, Howard Pulley Black, Chicago Lockdown, Playground Elite, Team FSA, Team CLT, Wisconsin Swing, Illinois Irish Elite, DTA, Young Legends, WI Playmakers Winona, Bulls Premiere Dusan, WI Shooters, Joliet Pride White, Howard Pulley White, Bears Basketball 24-7, Wisconsin Crusaders, Wisconsin Wizards, Bayshore Bombers, Joliet Pride Black, Illinois Magic

13U Division
Wisconsin Playground Warriors, Chicago Lockdown, Illinois Attack, RAS Milwaukee, Full Package Pirshin, Wisconsin Crusaders, Wisconsin Swing, Bulls Premiere TJ, Lakeshore Force, Wisconsin Shooters, Fox Valley Kings, Joliet Pride, Young Legends, Wisconsin Blizzard, LCB Select Red, NESYB, LCB Select, Sconnie Crush

12U Division
WI Playground Warriors, Quad City Elite, Team FSA, Fox Valley Storm, RAS Milwaukee, Bulls Premiere Zach, St. Louis Pressure, WI Crusaders, Kessel Heat Black, WI Playmakers Shaw, Fox Valley Kings, One More Step, WI Shooters, Lakeshore Force, Midwest Wildcats, La Crosse YMCA

11U Division
WI Shooters, WI Blizzard, St. Louis Pressure, RAS Milwaukee, WI Playground Warriors, Windy City Vipers, Roc Solid Force, Lakeshore Force

10U Division
WI Playground Warriors, WI Swish, LCB Select, RAS Milwaukee, WI Shooters, Fox Valley Kings

9U Division
RAS Milwaukee, Lakeshore Force, NESYB, Milwaukee Spartans, WI Blizzard, LCB Select

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