The 2014 NY2LA Sports Invitational will tip off this weekend as teams from across the Midwest descend on the state of Wisconsin for this 9th annual basketball tournament.  The tournament offers up 9u-17u divisions with pool play and single elimination playoffs running throughout the weekend and commencing with the championships on Sunday afternoon.  Games will be played at various gyms throughout the greater Milwaukee metro area this weekend.  Games will tip at 6:00 pm on Friday, 8:00 am on Saturday, and 8:00 am on Sunday and run throughout the day and night.  Day passes are available each day. Here's a look at the teams set to attend this weekend...


Wisconsin United, Illinois Irish, Team NLP, WI Blizzard Pronschinske, WI Playground Warriors, Chicago Lockdown, Illinois Stars, Milwaukee Spartans, Central IL Net Gain, DTA Devin Harris Superstars, Michigan Playmakers, Quad City Elite, WI Academy Robinson, Illinois Rise, Mid Kansas, WI Shooters White, Illinois Flyers, WI Swing Gibbs, Illinois Celtics, Iowa Mavericks Orange, MN Heat BUI, Illinois Old School McBride, WI Blizzard Boots, Illinois Attack, WI Starz Elite, Peoria Heat, IL Rising Stars Elite, WI Dynasty, Playground Elite McCain, Who’s Next, WI Playmakers, Old Gold, Team Legacy All-Stars Orange, WI Jets, WI Shooters Red, Chi-City Elite Denard, WI Crusaders, Iowa Mavericks White, Bulls Premier, Nothing But Net Elite, Chi-City Elite Fischer, Team Legacy All-Stars Green, WI Blizzard Schneider, X-Factor, WI Swing Smith, IL Goldrush Tigers, Calumet Crushers, Sherman Park Elite, Illinois Mercury Thomas, Basketball Paradise, and Illinois Edge

Playground Elite Smith, Tri-City Thunder, Quad City Elite Orange, WI Swing Litscher, Net Gain Sports, WI Academy Kotroski, WI Shooters, Illinois Irish, WI United, Chicago Lockdown, Illinois Running Rebels, WI Playmakers Jesperson, ET12 Buckeyes, Illinois Celtics, Team NLP, Playground Elite Hanson, MN Select Harris, Michigan Playmakers, Madison Spartans, Illinois Old School, Iowa Mavericks Orange, Old Gold, DTA, Illinois Orange Crush Elite, RAS, Quad City Elite Back, St. Louis Prospects, WI Swish Blue, The Athlete Within Black, Illinois Attack, Playground Elite Dante, WI Academy Nelson, Illinois Rise, WI Jets, Peoria Heat, Fox Valley Storm, IL Raptors, WI Swish White, IL Wolfpack, WI Prospects Elite, IL Orange Crush Select, WI Crusaders, IL Mercury Black, Playground Elite Hudson, IL Mercury Red, Courtsense Academy Blue, The Athlete Within Red, Basketball Paradise, Playground Elite Keys, Illinois Ballers, World Class Basketball, Iowa Mavericks White, Courtsense Academy Orange, X-Factor, WI X-Press, and WI Academy Schindler

WI Playground Warriors, IL Old School, ET12 Buckeyes, WI Swing Litscher, NESYB, Iowa Mavericks Orange, Illinois Irish, WI Shooters White, Playground Elite Wilson, Illinois Attack, Quad City Elite, Milwaukee Spartans, WI Playmakers LEW, Illinois Rise, Team NLP, WI Starz Elite, WI Academy Hauser, Bulls Premier, Chicago Lockdown, WI Playmakers White, IL Running Rebels, IL Orange Crush, WI Swish, Playground Elite, Illinois ICE Black, World Class Basketball Blue, Sherman Park Elite, Courtsense Academy Blue, Basketball Paradise, IL Rising Stars White, WI Crusaders, WI Shooters Red, IL Ballers, Iowa Mavericks White, Peoria Heat, Courtsense Academy Orange, World Class Basketball White, IL Wolfpack, WI Attack, and IL ICE White

WI United, Quad City Elite, Illinois Irish, Chicago Lockdown, FSA, WI Swish, Playground Elite Minor, Illinois Mercury Blue, WI Shooters, Tri-City Thunder, St. Louis Prospects, Chicago Courtmasters, Green Bay Storm, RMG Hoops, Illinois Rise, GTBA, Illinois Attack, WI Academy Fernholz, DTA, IL Running Rebels, Illinois Orange Crush, Playground Elite Dantzler, WI Blizzard Pronschinske, IL Mercury White, WI Ballers, IL Goldrush Tigers, Triple Threat BB, and Fitzsimons Magic

RAS, IL Raptors, Ferrari, WI United, Playground Elite, RMG Hoops, Chicago Lockdown, WI Shooters, Scottie Pippen Rising Stars, Great Lakes Ballers, WI Ballers, IL Goldrush Tigers, Bulls Premier, WI RAP, and WI Hoops Select

WI Playground Warriors, IL Orange Crush, 43 Hoops, DTA, RAS, Wolverines, Playground Elite, Bulls Premier, and WI Shooters

FSA, RAS, Milwaukee Spartans, Bulls Premier, WI Shooters, WI Academy, WI Ballers, and WI Bulldogs

WI Shooters, WI United, El-Amin Basketball, and WI Blizzard Tomashak

Playground Elite, RAS, Operation Dream, WI United, WI Shooters, Spartans-Sizzle

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