An explosive field of talent hit the courts of Milwaukee Lutheran High School in Wisconsin this past Saturday for the annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp as 2015-2017 prospects from across the Midwest took to the hardwood looking to make their mark.  After a day filled with combine style testing, drills, and games, talented prospects like 2015 PG Jimmy Whitt, 2015 C Diamond Stone, 2015 SF Joseph Toye, etc. had delivered electric performances along with a host of others.  We continue our coverage this morning with my thoughts on individuals who stood out this past weekend…


(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)

JoJo Anderson – 2015 – PG
Houston, TX – La Lumiere School (IN)
The talented guard was solid throughout the day as he showed an ability to play at various tempos, he delivered solid passes, he displayed ball handling skills, and he knocked down the jumper from both the mid-range areas and beyond the arc.  A solid talent with instincts and playmaking ability, Anderson delivered a strong effort on Saturday.

Levi Bradley – 2015 – SF
Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Pius XI
The long wiry forward delivered with and without the basketball on Saturday in efficient fashion.  He showed range beyond the arc, slashed his way to a variety of baskets, finished in the paint, and he attacked the glass.  Made a nice floor impact and do so in impressive and easy fashion.

Jalen Coleman – 2015 – G
La Porte, IN – La Lumiere School
Was limited in action after rolling an ankle at the very end of his first game but prior to that Coleman displayed all of his top 25 national ability in a variety of ways.  A solid athlete with explosion and quickness, Coleman drilled a number of perimeter shots, he played solid defense, he showed excellent instincts, and he played hard on both ends in impressive fashion.  An elite national talent with high major impact ability, Coleman was impressive this past weekend.

Devon Dillard – 2015 – SF
Gary, IN – Thea Bowman
A strong and explosive wing with range and toughness, Dillard was active on the glass, he soared in transition, he showed explosive leaping ability, and he knocked down a number of perimeter shots from different levels.  Talented, strong, and an explosive athlete, Dillard was impressive at times on Saturday and continued to open eyes in the process.

Grant Gibson – 2015 – SG
Galesburgh, IL – Galesburgh H.S.
He quietly delivered a solid performance on Saturday as he showed nice range beyond the arc and contributed in a variety of ways including showing solid activity on the glass.  Instinctive with some upside and potential, Gibson is one to keep track of over the next 12 months.

Kain Harris – 2015 – SG
Chicago, IL – Morgan Park H.S.
A powerful perimeter wing with range and explosive athleticism, Harris was on the attack at times Saturday and did so in impressive fashion.  He is excellent in the open court, has solid hands and finishes well in transition, he is a powerful and explosive athlete, and he has range beyond the arc.  Harris displayed his versatile skill package throughout the day and impressed in the process.

Keith Hayes – 2015 – PG
Lombard, IL – Glenbard West
The quick lead guard from Illinois displayed a solid overall floor game as he found ways to create with effectiveness, he showed solid dribble penetration skills to distribute and finish, he attacked the glass, he brought nice activity on the defensive end, and showed a perimeter stroke that could hit the mid-range jumper and extend beyond the arc on occasion as well.  A solid overall performance across the board on Saturday.

Jaylen Key – 2015 – F
Milwaukee, WI – Homestead High School
The talented forward has really improved the past few months and Saturday he took another step forward as he showcased improved athleticism and activity that resulted in a solid overall floor performance.  Key was aggressive around the basket, he ran the floor well and finished in transition, he powered in a few dunks, and he was active on the glass as well.  A major step forward this past weekend for him.

David Sachs – 2015 – PG
Northbrook, IL – Highland Park
This young man can play and has the ability to take over the game with his playmaking ability as well as his perimeter stroke.  He has no fear and plays hard with a willingness to mix it up if needed, which is impressive.  Sachs has a lethal perimeter stroke that is lights out when he has it rolling but he also has solid handles, nice instincts and vision, an ability to deliver accurate passes both in half court sets as well as transition, and he will attack the glass if needed.  A smart skilled floor general with range, Sachs is a born leader who will help a school get W’s at the next level.

Cody Schwartz – 2015 – PF
De Pere, WI – West De Pere H.S.
One of the highly regarded juniors in Wisconsin, Schwartz did not disappoint on Saturday as he showcased his trademark perimeter stroke to perfection with a number of mid-range jumpers and trey balls.  An excellent catch and shoot forward who can face up with success and drill the one dribble pull-up as well, Schwartz was also active on the glass as well and showed an improved ability to mix it up in the paint. Finished the day with an efficient floor performance and continued to take another step forward in his development this past weekend.

Marlon Stewart – 2015 – PG
Park View, IA – North Scott H.S.
A tough perimeter talent with an ability to control the tempo and take over the game in a variety of ways, Stewart impressed on Saturday as he attacked the rim and scored in traffic with consistency and efficiency while also finding ways to get to the free throw line and knock down mid-range jumpers with effectiveness.  Mix in some solid playmaking at times and nice activity and instincts defensively and Stewart showed why his Division 1 attention continues to pick up with a nice overall performance on Saturday.

Diamond Stone – 2015 – C
Wauwatosa, WI – Dominican H.S.
Not too much to be said that hasn’t been said as Stone showed first hand why he’s one of the most coveted prospects in the country right now.  Equipped with a 7’3” wingspan and standing firm at 6’10”, Stone was dominant from start to finish whether it was drill work or full length games.  He powered in dunk after dunk, showed quickness and agility on the blocks, he controlled the glass, he ran the floor in transition well, and he brought excellent energy and activity to both ends of the floor while delivering a Co-MVP performance on Saturday.

Joseph Toye – 2015 – SF
Chicago, IL – La Lumiere School (IN)
One thing we always look for is upside and potential and make no mistake Toye could very well become one of the biggest stories in the country over the next 12 months.  An excellent athlete with size, length, versatility, and open court flair, Toye is a high major impact talent that’s really scratching the surface.  He was active on the glass, he slashed to the rim in transition and half-court sets, and he knocked down mid-range pull up jumpers and trey balls while also soaring for a couple highlights.  This young man has bona fide top 25 national potential with hard work and expect him to generate a large collection of high major suitors over the next 8-12 months as he is really just scratching the surface of his potential.  Shared Co-MVP honors with Stone and Whitt for this age group.

Jimmy Whitt – 2015 – PG
Columbia, MO – Hickman H.S.
A big time overall performance is all that can be said for Whitt as he made his mark early and often with a scintillating 28 point 8 assist 8 rebound effort in the opening game and never looked back.  A long lean guard who excels with the ball in his hand, Whitt made the game look too easy at times as he slithered through opposing defenders to create, finish at the rim, and rip the nets for mid-range mid-range jumper after mid-range jumper.  He was active defensively, dominant offensively, and displayed a smooth floor game while delivering one of the very best performances of the day on Saturday.  Shared Co-MVP honors for this class with Stone and Toye.

Christian Williams – 2015 – SG
Decatur, IL – St. Theresa-Decatur
Started out slowly but then proceeded to heat up and when he did he was virtually unstoppable.  Whether it’s a mid-range jumper, an open court basket, or a trey ball, Williams can make them all and take over the game at his best.  He adds to that excellent size and length and a tremendous ceiling.  A sleeper if you want to call him that, Williams may not garner the national attention he deserves right now but with continued hard work, development, and consistent activity and energy when he takes the floor each time he will see his recruiting stock explode over the next 8-12 months both regionally and nationally.

(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)

Patrick Benka – 2016 – SF
Palatine, IL – Fremd H.S.
An emerging wing talent with range and an ability to put the ball in the basket, Benka is a solid perimeter shooting wing who can drill the trey ball with consistency.  Equipped with a nice long lean frame, Benka is another solid talent who will start to see his recruiting stock elevate as he continues to improve both physically and skill wise.  A solid shooting effort this past weekend.

Alonzo Chatman – 2016 – PF
Chicago, IL – Morgan Park H.S.
The talented forward shared Co-MVP honors for this class with Davis Larson and Zachary Norvell after delivered a solid activity filled efficient effort.  Chatman attacked the rim with effectiveness, showed solid athleticism, collected rebounds on both ends, and played physical and tough on both ends of the floor.  Still developing as a talent, Chatman has some nice upside and potential and he displayed all of that and more with a solid performance on Saturday.

Devin Gage – 2016 – G
Chicago, IL – Curie H.S.
A strong athletic guard with talent, Gage is a scoring first guard at this stage of his development.  He can attack off the bounce and finish, he can hit the mid-range pull up off the bounce, and he has solid finishing skills in the open court that he pairs with athleticism and power to make things happen.  A solid instinctive rebounding guard as well, Gage is scratching the surface and this past weekend he was impressive in spurts and opened some eyes in the process.

Devin Green – 2016 – PF
Cascade, IA – Cascade H.S.
A nice young forward with instincts and an ability to finish around the basket with consistency, Green did two things really well on Saturday…finish with consistency and attack the boards.  A potential double double threat on the hardwood whenever he plays, Green has solid instincts, some nice size, and solid potential and he showed that and more with an impressive effort this past weekend.

Rapolas Ivanauskas – 2016 – F
Barrington, IL – Barrington H.S.
A long wiry raw forward with skill and potential, Ivanauskas opened a lot of eyes Saturday with a couple strong performances.  He showed an ability to finish around the basket and at the mid level while also attacking the glass and showing nice offensive instincts in the process.  Still developing in terms of his ball handling and passing, the young sophomore forward looks the part of a solid mid major talent at worst and a potential high major prospect with hard work and development over the next couple years.  Impressed with the potential and upside of this young sophomore.

Davis Larson – 2016 – SF
Sheboygan, WI – Sheboygan North H.S.
The talented wing delivered at a high level on Saturday and he shares Co-MVP honors for the 2016 class as a result.  He was active in transition, scored in half-court sets, knocked down a couple mid range jumpers, was stellar defensively, and dominant on the glass as well.  Really impressed with his overall floor performances on Saturday and his floor impact scores and efficiency scores per game were among the top five in the camp overall this past weekend.  Excellent overall effort.

Tanner Lohaus – 2016 – F
North Liberty, IA – Iowa West
The son of the former NBA star, this young forward showed glimpses of some nice potential as he dripped in mid-range jumpers and stretched defenses out to about 18 feet or so with consistency.  An instinctive player who also contributed on the glass as well, Lohaus has a nice ceiling and should add some more inches to his frame which makes him a nice catch and shoot face up type forward with Division 1 ability if he reaches his potential.

Zachary Norvell – 2016 – G
Chicago, IL – Simeon Career Academy

A tall physical athletic guard who can slide to either spot on the perimeter but we like more as a lead guard.  Handles the ball well, has range that extends beyond the arc, is an excellent athlete, and has the ability to finish through contact and attack off the bounce.  A big guard with a strong frame who can get to where he wants on the court when he wants, Norvell has excellent upside and potential and he delivered a Co-MVP performance for the 2016 class that was among the best of the day on Saturday.

Martin Schiele – 2016 – PG
Hammond, IN – Thea Bowman

A solid perimeter talent with instincts, vision, and playmaking ability, Schiele showed glimpses of those traits this past weekend while also scoring the basketball with consistency at each level.  Efficiency and floor production will be the keys for him to reach his potential and this past weekend he delivered some nice floor efforts in impressive fashion.

Lucas Vezaro – 2016 – SG
La Porte, IN – La Lumiere School

An effort type wing who was all over the floor at times, Vezaro was aggressive and always on the attack offensively this past weekend.  He scored in transition, finished off the bounce, and ripped the nets at times from long range in impressive fashion.  Mix in solid rebounding instincts and feel as well as a solid motor and great energy and Vezaro is one of those types that you hate to play against but generally like to have on your team as brings a lot of intangibles to the court that help teams get the “W”.

(Note – Listed in alphabetical order)

Isaiah Coleman – 2017 – PG
La Porte, IN – La Lumiere School
Jalen isn’t the only Coleman with high major ability as this young talent has an electricity to his game when he takes the court.  Ultra-quick with athleticism, toughness, and attack mode mentality, Coleman can create, he scores off the bounce, he’s explosive in the open court, he can hit the mid-range pull up jumper, has range beyond the arc, and has excellent perimeter defensive instincts and lock down potential.  Really impressed with his upside and he captured Co-MVP honors at this age level by giving a great floor effort and bringing production and intensity to the court on Saturday.

George Dixon – 2017 – F
Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee, Riverside H.S.
A strong physical forward with instincts and a solid 15 foot and in offensive game, Dixon was very good this past weekend in terms of his production offensively and his rebounding prowess.  He fills the box score in a variety of ways and this past weekend he did so with consistency, activity, and efficiency throughout the day.  An excellent overall performance for Dixon.

Andrew Lewis – 2017 – SG
Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Riverside H.S.
Part of a bright young class in Wisconsin, Lewis has some nice potential and that was on display this past weekend as he showed nice scoring ability at each level and a smooth perimeter stroke in the process.  Lewis was also active on the glass, he ran the floor and finished in transition, and he showed some nice vision and improved ability off the bounce this past weekend.

Terrence Lewis – 2017 – SF
Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Riverside H.S.
One of the measuring sticks for freshmen in Wisconsin, Lewis delivered another impressive performance this past weekend and shared Co-MVP honors with Isaiah Coleman as a result.  He was excellent from the field with a .645 field goal percentage (i.e. 20-31 FG’s), he was active at times on the glass, he showed solid defensive ability and instincts, etc.  His development continues to trend upward and this past weekend was another solid step forward for one of the top freshman regionally in the Midwest. 

Matthew Myers – 2017 – PG
Blue Mounds, WI – Barneveld H.S.
One of the pleasant surprises this past weekend; Myers really opened some eyes with an efficiently productive performance.  Shot close to 65% from the field while hitting mid-range jumpers, knocking down a handful of trey balls, and showcasing solid playmaking ability and defensive instincts in the process.  One to keep track of.

Really like the potential of 2015 SG Joshua Stamps of Curie H.S. (IL) who looks the part of a potential prolific scoring guard.  Stamps was 80% from the field through two games on 8-10 shooting and hit mid-range jumpers, 18 footers, and trey balls in the process.  Look for a huge jump nationally for him over the next 12 months.

2015 PG Prentiss Nixon of Bolingbrook H.S. (IL) started slowly but picked it up as the day went along and delivered some nice performances.  At his best Nixon is a problem on both ends for opposing teams as he can get out in transition, has finishing ability, can create, and has disruptive ability on the defensive end as well. 

2015 PF Chandler Fuzak of Wheaten Academy (IL) is an intriguing talent.  A long lean forward with range, Fuzak is a Division 1 level talent who can score in transition and stretch defenses with his perimeter stroke.  A decent athlete with some nice bounce and solid instincts, Fuzak will garner a lot of looks over the next 8-12 months with hard work and development.

2015 PF’s Myles Carter of St. Rita (IL) and Obediah Church of Springfield H.S. (IL) are some nice sleepers in the current junior class.  Both have length and when active and aggressive can really make some nice things happen.  Look for both to really elevate as they continue to development as each is equipped with nice size and plus length that make for solid Division 1 prospects who will get mid and high major attention the next 8-12 months.

Like the potential of 2015 PF Gerald Blackshear Jr. of Mt. Clemens H.S. (MI) who is still very raw offensively.  Standing near 6-8, Blackshear has 7ft plus wingspan and he really elevated his play as the day moved along saving his best performance for the end.  There’s a lot of clay to mold into a solid player with Blackshear whose best years of basketball lie ahead.

2017 PG Melvin Lee of Milwaukee Vincent H.S. (WI) was one of the leading playmakers on the court Saturday.  He averaged six assists per game and showed solid handles and playmaking ability in the process.  Keep that name in mind as he’s one of the bright young talents on the rise in the state of Wisconsin.

2015 PG Tyson Batiste of Kickapoo (IL) opened some eyes with a couple solid performances.  He struggled from the field but made up for it with effort on the glass and some nice playmaking ability.

Stay tuned to sharpshooters 2015 SG Jake Jurss of Sheboygan Lutheran H.S. (WI) and 2016 SG Cole Schmitz of Verona Area H.S.  The same can be said of 2016 PG Nick Loke of Arrowhead (WI).  All showed excellent perimeter shooting ability and did so with consistency on Saturday.

Really like what 2015 F Edward Morrow of Simeon Career Academy (IL) brings to the table.  A raw skill talent at 6’6” with a 7 foot wingspan, Morrow brings a lot of intangibles to the court and pairs that with solid strength and athleticism that makes for an interesting prospect.  He’s the type that you put on the court and good things will happen.  Expect mid and high major schools to spend time tracking him the next 8-12 months heavily.

A couple young guards to keep tabs on are 2015 PG Tywon Bressler Jr. of Dominican (WI) and 2016 Jaylan White of Interstate 35 (IA).  Both were solid in flashes and spurts this past weekend.  Look for them to start to elevate as prospects over the next 6-12 months with hard work and development.

2015 PF Nick McGlynn of Stoughton (WI) became more comfortable as the day moved along and he delivered some solid efforts in the afternoon and evening.  A long skilled talent with upside, McGlynn will grab a lot of Division 1 attention this year from a variety of levels. 

Like the potential of raw 2016 F Ryan Kriener of New Hampton (IA) who tested out with a 7 foot plus wingspan.  Keep that name in mind moving forward as he may be a late bloomer.

Don’t sleep on 2015 G/F Jevon Smith of Milwaukee Lutheran (WI) or 2016 SF Jeremiah Words of Milwaukee Riverside (WI).  Smith is a slashing wing who can score off the bounce but really gets after it in transition and Words is a do it all type who can play any position and has some versatility and toughness that he utilizes to produce in a variety of ways.

2015 F Brady Ernst of Clinton (IA) was solid in spurts.  He got out of the gates slowly but then picked up his activity and energy in the second game and delivered a solid effort therein.  Already holding a number of Division 1 offers, Ernst is a long lean late bloomer who will generate a lot of Division 1 attention in the coming months as he can go inside and outside and looks to still be growing while currently standing close to 6-8. 

2015 SF Carter Burns of Ottumua (IA) reminds me in part of current UW-Milwaukee talent Austin Arians in terms of his catch and shoot ability.  Burns has range well beyond the arc and can hit the jumper with consistency. 

Young 2016 PG Ari Davis of Madison West (WI) was solid at times Saturday.  The same can be said of 2015 G Casey McClure of Verona Area H.S. (WI), 2015 PG Jarrin Randall of Morgan Park (IL), 2015 G Spencer Haldeman of West Dubuque (IA), and 2015 PG Munis Tutu of La Lumiere (IN).  Throw 2015 G Nibra White Jr. of Evanston Township H.S. (IL), 2015 PG Semaj Graham of Madison West (WI), and 2015 PG Kevin McHenry Jr. of Menomonee Falls H.S. (WI) into that mix as well.  Each was solid in spurts this past weekend.

Liked what 2016 G/F Edward Laird of Madison Memorial (WI) and 2016 SF Juwun Pettigrew of Madison West (WI) brought to the table in terms of activity and floor production.  2015 SG Mason Domask of Waupun H.S. (WI) continues to develop and he showed an ability to score the basketball at each level on Saturday.

2017 SG Troy Slaby of Stoughton H.S. (WI) was slowed by injury on Saturday but showed nice perimeter shooting ability prior to that.

2015 G/F Cornelius McIntosh of St. Francis De Sales (IL) was solid in flashes this past weekend.  He can contribute in different ways on the court and did so at times on Saturday.

2015 SG Karl Harris of De La Salle (IL) rebounded from a sluggish opening game to deliver a solid effort in the second contest.  He can score from every level and with consistency and continued development he will generate lots of Division 1 attention.

Like the potential of 2016 G/F Isaiah Roby of Dixon H.S. (IL).  A long wiry wing with range and a nice feel, Roby can hit the mid-range jumper and stretches it to beyond the arc.  Look for him to really make a jump over the next 12-24 months as he matures physically and continues to refine things skill wise.  He stands near 6’6’ and has a near 7 foot wingspan already.