After giving our subscribers an in-depth look at the top performers from the 2009 NY2LA Sports Invitational, there’s more material worth noting. The loaded event produced so many elite prospects, that our stock boosters list can be taken as yet another top performers list. The only difference is you may not have heard of these guys. Regardless, they are each special talents in their own right who should be appearing in your living during the next few years suiting up for respective collegiate squads. Here’s a look at 15 prospects that raised their stock with impressive performances over the weekend at the 2009 NY2LA Sports Invitational in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…
 (Editor’s Note – Listed Alphabetically)

2010 G Adam Abegglen – Fox Valley StormSouth paw got better with each game and really showcased his ability to hit the perimeter jumper. The knock may be that he’s a bit of a liability on the ball against quicker guards, but he’s got big enough body and the wingspan to keep those players in front of him. Deceptively athletic, Abegglen was more effective using his dribble for the mid-range pull up, but converted at the rim early in the event when he seemed to have a bit more bounce in his step. Bottom line, he can play at the Division I level.

2010 G Josh Cameron – Wisconsin ForceWow! What a weekend for Cameron. Add him to the short list of regional breakout performers headed into July. His Force squad is expected back for the NY2LA Sports live events that will be hosted in July and open to the collegiate coach community. Expect several programs in the gym for Cameron when the tournaments tip in the Brew City. Great first step and built allow him to beat opponents and finish through contact. He showed a bit of ability to shoot the jumper off the bounce and started locking up on the defensive in as the tournament progressed.

2010 F DeMondre Chapman – King James Shooting StarsOften considered a combo forward, Chapman’s full skill-set from the wing was on display at the NY2LA Sports Invitational. He’s an aggressive and active rebounder from the perimeter, but has the lateral quickness and length to defend the perimeter with little difficulty. While his athleticism won’t wow anyone, Chapman is still capable of making plays above the rim, and finishing through contact. If this perimeter slasher is able to demonstrate the ability to hit the 16-18 foot jumper during the July period, he should turn interest from the Big Ten, Big East, SEC, and Pac-10 into offers by autumn.

2010 Trevor Hass – Wisconsin BlizzardThe mid-range game is a rare find in today’s game, and Hass brings an refreshing skill-set to the court. When he’s not knocking down the elbow jumper, he’s finding ways to get open away from the ball, and attempting to hit the offensive glass when the opportunity presents itself. Liked the fact that he finished in transition but he definitely lost his legs as the weekend moved into late Saturday. He’ll have to continue to push his body and get stronger but a lot of tools on this young man who played at a high-level and does a great job with what he’s got.

2010 G Troy Huff – Playground EliteThin but athletic, Huff’s upside as a devastating perimeter defender is what should have the college coaching community excited. He scores at the basket because of his length and quickness off the floor. Added strength will be vital for Huff in the next year as he’ll be competing for a scholarship with stronger prospects at his position. He’s a three man for now because he’s quick and long enough to defender athletic slashers, but he’ll need to be more consistent from deep to really take his perimeter game to the next level offensively.

2010 Kevin Hurd – Randolph Boys ClubHigh effort and energy guy who flat out got it done for an over-achieving Randolph Boys Club. Leading his squad in a narrow loss to Mac Irvin Fire on Friday night, Hurd had it working from start to finish. He knows how to run a team and shoots a high percentage without turning the ball over. Certainly better in the half-court controlled tempo rather than transition, Hurd has a combination of toughness and basketball IQ that makes him a factor nearly every time he’s on the court.

2010 G Maurice Jones – R.E.A.C.H. LegendsUltra quick point guard was fun to watch and used his blazing speed to get to the rim at will. Though he takes a beating at the rim and usually ends up on the floor, Jones finished through contact, and always found a way to get back on his feet. One of the event’s toughest players, he beat pressure at will, and excelled defending and pressuring in the full-court. While his deep ball didn’t fall in the glimpses NY2LA watched, Jones surprised with his ability to create space, and knock down the mid-range pull-up. Best off the bounce he’s a pass-first guard who is the exception when discussing how size limits players’ ability.

2010 F Reid Koenen – Playground EliteWith a body and game that screams upside, Kobenen is a versatile forward with the ability to put pressure on defensives with his face-up game. Best when used as a face-up four, Kobenen can put the ball on the floor and has range behind the arch. He’ll have to add weight and play with more tenacity around the basket, but he has the length and size to become a capable rebounder with more strength. Additionally, he does an excellent job of altering shots and uses his length effectively, making it hard on perimeter players to beat him off the dribble.

2010 F Mikael Luter – Wisconsin ScholarsWing with tremendous upside once he starts to develop physically. Luter had spurts where he was the best player on the floor for the championship Scholars team. Offensively, he’s best using the dribble to penetrate and use his length around the cup. He’s got a decent stroke from mid-range and beyond but is a streaky shooter at this time. Defensively, he is very active, but he is often pushed around because of his thin frame. High ceiling prospect worth tracking over the summer and into his senior year.

2010 F Joe McNichols – Velocity RedDeceptively athletic forward who plays with smarts and a great motor. Loves how he attacks the glass and positions himself with for boards against taller and wider opponents. Pegged him during the first day as a potential combo forward, but ended up liking him as a versatile face-up four man. He’s comfortable defending in the post and has the type of instincts at the basket that you hate to take away from the rim. It’s a crime taking him away from the glass, but he still needs to grab rebounds, rather than just keeping the ball alive by tipping it with one hand.

2010 G Steve McWhorter – Wisconsin ScholarsA blow-up weekend for this strong lead guard who helped the Scholars to the 17u platinum title. McWhorter distributed down the stretch and made defensive stops like a true point guard; however, he scored the ball in spurts and provided a big lift for his team in bracket play. A solid mid-major recruit, props to NY2LA Sports headman Antonio Curro for pegging this breakout prospect in an article months ago. With everyone on board after this weekend, McWhorter must continue his defensive effort, and continue to develop his perimeter jumper to have the type of summer performances he enjoyed during the spring.

2010 F Sami Onsomu – Minnesota SelectWell-built athlete with bounce around the basket, Onsomu is a physical specimen, who is capable of dominating a game on the glass. Offensively, he is very limited around the rim, scoring with sheer power and athleticism, but he attacked the rim with a power dribble off the catch with eight feet. On the defensive end he was prone to foul trouble as he initiated contact and feeds off physical play on the block. He’s a high-energy guy with plenty of emotion, but must learn to filter that energy in an efficient manner. Liked him altering shots and still being able to rebound and apparently regional hoop powers are taking notice too.

2009 F Elijah Robinson – Wisconsin WildcatsBig-bodied wing that is capable off the bounce. Occasionally took on the duties of a point-forward, handling the ball in the full court and distributing to teammates. Has a tendency to get tunnel vision on his power drives to the lane and was whistled for more than a few charges. Defensively, he defended both the perimeter and the post, and was his squad’s leading rebounder. On a undersized team, Robinson never complained about spending the majority of his defensive minutes on the block, and absolutely impressed with his willingness to defend and play physical.

2010 G Storm Sanders – King James Shooting StarsQuick and powerful with the ball in his hands, Sanders aggressively attacked the rim, and was effective from the free throw line. Undersized as two guard, Sanders didn’t demonstrate a great understanding of the lead guard position, often playing at one speed and beating his teammates down the court. He did however, shoot the ball off the bounce well, and was able to beat defenders with relative ease off the dribble. His combination of strength and speed with the ball has a few high majors still sniffing around, hoping that the lead guard tools develop in the next time. For now, Sanders has a handful of low and mid-major offers.

2010 G Reggie Smith – Mac Irvin FireStock booster? NY2LA Sports thinks so and here’s why. Smith is an undersized scoring guard, not a point guard, and the Mac Irvin squad showcased him as just that over the weekend. Demonstrating the ability to create space off the dribble, Smith separated from his opponents for pull-up jumpers, or gave a hesitation move on his way to the rim. One of the nation’s elite athletes from the guard position, Smith will finish on top of defenders and threw down a vicious windmill as a demonstration in closing out a victory late Saturday. Without the pressure of ball-handling responsibilities, Smith looked much more comfortable with the touches he did receive, but will need to continue to step up on defense.

Other stock boosters
 (Editor’s Note - This list is not an exclusive one)

2010 G Larentez Daniels – Playground Elite
2010 G Alex Diciaula – Wisconsin Pirates
2010 G Tre Edwards – Wisconsin Wildcats
2010 G Sam Gage – Wisconsin Force
2010 G Tyler Olsen – Just A Game
2010 G DJ Rhodes – Wisconsin Blizzard
2010 G Creon Reed - DTA Devin Harris Superstars
2010 G Jake Schalow – Wisconsin Blizzard
2010 F Jaren Singh – Wisconsin Force
2010 F Adam Voss – Wisconsin Scholars